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    Journey getting to an end...

    I have been a faithful Head-Fi member the last 7 year. It all started back in January 2004 when I came here looking for alternative earbuds/headphones for my newly acquired iPod. Got several tips and quickly realized that the members were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful - so I decided to...
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    [FIXED/BROKEN] Can't easily type text bellow a quote?

    Ok! Not sure there is much more for me to tell either. It does not work - unlike prior to the forum update a number of weeks back (lost track on the number).   Oh well!
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    Is the Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 for me?

    I will be a bit short since it is late and overdue on bedtime. Afaik the LCD-2 are demanding and hence you may benefit from the addition power of using a speaker amplifier (like the SIgnature 30.2), over a regular headphone amplifier. May not be so for the D7000 though. The Signature 30.2 does...
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    akg is considering to remake the k1000 but only if it gets enough love on its facebook page

    $4-600 sure would be great, and at that price I would expect it to sell quite good. Doubt it would happen though, since it would be in direct competition to the Q701 at $480.     That and the fact that all the R&D work were done back in the 1980s - since the K1000 first released in...
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    What dynamic headphones sound most similar to electrostats?

    Of those I have heard I can easily say the AKG K1000.
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    The Stax thread (New)

      Nice! Our dreams for an Omega III may have been heard - 13 years after the Omega II was released.   Stax sure seem to be on a major roll these days. First the SR-404 Limited, then the SR-507, SR-407, SR-307 and now what looks like an SR-007 successor. Awesome!      
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    New Stax! SR-307, SR-407, SRM-323S, SRM-006TS

    Ah, sweet! Looks like Stax is replacing the entire Lambda series. :lambda:
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    Headphones better than Speakers? A system that GLOWS?

    1. No 2. Isabellina -> Signature 30.2 -> K1000
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    How much have you spent (percentages)

    Something like this, if I count the systems I have today. Cables - 10% Source - 30% Amplification - 30% Headphones - 30%
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    Headphone amp + USB DAC

    RWA Isabella Ok, both the DAC and headphone amplifier are optional - but still.
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    The Beta22/Sigma22 amp has arrived Review added!

    Congratulations with the β22 and σ22 - an excellent amplifier indeed!
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    Advice on choosing a portable amp that uses a 9V

    RSA The Hornet is one alternative.