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    Should I buy a Peachtree Nova for the core of my audio setup?

    go for it. The peachtree gear doesnt seem to have any detractors. The pre/dac/head amp are all supposed to rock, the power amp is likely the weakest point. But you can bypass that as it has a pre-out if it does prove to be the weak-link down the road.    
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    MELOS SHA-Gold attenuator replacement advice required

    I've read through your mod-log several times and would love to do much of what you've done. The attenuator switch-out sounds like it'd be simple enough to accomplish but I dont have the skills I wish I had to feel comfortable switching much else out. The left channel mod and upgrading...
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    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    I'm not saying its not ridiculous. But I'll maintain my position if only to solicit greater opposition! And I do mean argument, not in that way that carries a since of violence but in the way that carries a sense of well reasoned thought. Why where you listening to what you think is best? How...
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    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    No need for the threads title to slow anyone down on posting what they think is best.   BUT!!!!!! please give some reason as to why.   I do think I've put up a pretty good case as to why this album is the best of 90s and why everyone agrees   Please do the same with what you put up...
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    What's your best experience for an amp for AKG K 701s?

    melos sha-gold   source(s): wavelength Brick v 1                 Clearaudio Concerto on a  Unify 9" with a Champion   They astound every time I put them on. I intended on sleeping 4 hours ago. They keep me up, I dont want to stop listening. Just 1 more album please!
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    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    In 1995 David Bowie brought us 1. Outside. 1. Outside is the best album of the 90s. Stunningly recorded. Capturing the horror and freedom of the moment of realization that the millennium was upon us 1. Outside wraps everything that is apathy, cynicism, technology/human interdevelopment, the...
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    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE! Argue with it... if you can!

    Funeral is a great album for sure. The performances and songwriting are amazing but the engineering of the album can't touch Third. I get it's a live studio recording, but, there's a bit of a washed flatness to it that I keep hearing more and more as time passes. I'd have to go with in...
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    Turntable --> Audioengine A2s. Is an amp needed?

    How much do you want to spend? 1st skip the Rega p1 and pro-ject debut III Get a music hall MMF 2.2. Higher quality platter than both the Rega and Pro-ject, better arm than the pro-ject, questionably better than the rega too. 2nd look for a b-stock denon PMA 2000ivr. B-stocks are...
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    census time... amp/DAC owners stand-up

    Quote: Originally Posted by eccdbb Perhaps a poll would be easier? Something like 1)uses amp only outside, 2)uses dac only outside, 3)uses both amp+dac (seperates or combo) outside, 4)doesn't use outside. Or more general, outside and inside. I dont know if a poll would be all...
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    How large is the portable amp/DAC community?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik There aren't a lot of Head-Fi'ers compared to the general population. Even the most popular stuff here is wildly obscure and esoteric to the general public. I understand that this is not a "general population" thing. But there are plenty...
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    Revelation audio labs

    Thanks he assures me he's working on completing the trade asap
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    Wadia i170

    Has any one looked under the hood and drawn a map as to how this thing functions? I am curious. I know it has an apple produced chip that lets it function as it does. But what else is in there?
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    NUFORCE NE-8: They are smoking!

    I received them via fedex on the 30th of december and have been listening ever since. I was recently separated from my main rig. Clearaudio champion with concerto MC and EAR 834p with 60s era telefunken 12x7s and 12au7. Wavelength Brick USB/DAC Melos SHA-GOLD the Seimens CCAs. AKG k701s with...
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    Recently picked on up tat had been serviced and then sat unused for several years. Along with it came an nos pair siemens cca tubes that the previous owner never took the time to install/hear. I have a pair of AKG k701s with a RAL cryo-silver rewire and while i'm certain there are amps that...
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    After Nine Months and Twenty Three Days...

    that looks great... I hope it sounds great too. i actually just canceled my GS-1 order this morning, so there should be another black one near completion up for grabs. i'm sorry to miss out on it, but, decided to hold off for bigger things later. enjoy