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Jan 20, 2013
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Math for an insurance company. ...and yes, I am Asian.

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    Math for an insurance company. ...and yes, I am Asian.
    Questing for the best budget headphone
    Turbocharged Subarus
    Gaming - FPSs, RPGs, GTAs
    Headphone Inventory:
    My personal preference of a scale from 1 to OMG a 10+ in sound quality driven through music equalization:

    [OMG a 9] Somic EFI-82 Pro + Shure 840 pads + red/black filter from MT + Opefi mod
    [8] Somic EFI-82 MT + Shure 840 pads + Opefi mod
    [7] Takstar Pro80
    [6] Sennheiser HD 439 + uber bass mod + blue tack mod
    [6] Sennheiser HD 439 + bass mod + blue tack mod
    [5] Panasonic HT-21 + pleather pads

    [8] Awei ES800M
    [7] JBM MJ800
    [6] Awei S120i
    [6] Awei ES100i
    [5] Monoprice 8320 & 9927
    [4] JBM MJ710
    [4] Awei ES700i
    [4] Awei ES600i
    [4] Panasonic RPHJE120K
    [2] Panasonic RPHJE450R
    [1] Skullcandy TiTan

    *IEMs all equipped with sleeved, foam tips

    Monster Turbine
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Home PC: ASUS XONAR DG sound card w/ Xonar Audio Equalizer
    Work PC: Onboard sound card w/ Realtek HD Equalizer
    Music Preferences:
    Pop, kpop, jpop, Latin beat, Ambient/easy listening (so I can focus at work), Piano, Orchestral, some dubstep, and some gangsta rap. Not a fan of but I also listen to rock and country.
    Joined headphone/IEM audiophile world since January 2013.
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