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    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    I've had the HM5 pads on for several days on my WS99BTs.  They definitely have more bass than the stock pads.  Comfort-wise ... honestly they are both perfectly comfortable, but I can understand why some might prefer the oval shape of the HM5 pads.   I decided to EQ the bass a bit to see how...
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    Headphones for METAL!!!

    I would say almost for sure there was something wrong with your Grados and you most likely should have sent them in for service.  My very first pair of SR125s kept having the same issue with the band breaking, and after the third pair, Joe deeply apologized and sent me a brand new pair of the...
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    Headphones for METAL!!!

    I like the beyerdynamics DT 880s and pretty much any of the Grados for metal, IEMs often just end up being too bassy and then the bass starts getting all muddy.  I do like my volumes fairly loud though.  99% of the time if I am listening to metal, I am wearing my DT 880s.
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    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    I believe that is because there's numerous guides on the site given your rather general requirements.