Nov 6, 2008
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    Desk job
    Head-Fi, Hi-Fi, Photography, Cars, Motorbikes, Bicycles, Home Theatre etc. etc.
    Photography, Movies, Playing X-box Live, Fishing, Cycling
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado SR80
    Grado RS1 #6969
    Audio Technica ONTO
    Sony MDR-E888LP
    Grado HF2
    Grado PS-1
    Grado Black Vintage 325
    Grado HF1
    Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN
    Stax SR-404 Limited
    Westone 3
    Audio Technica ATH-ES10
    AKG K1000 (bass heavy version)

    Denon AH-D2000
    Beyerdynamic DT880 (2005) 600 ohms
    Beyerdynamic DT990 (2005) 250 ohms
    Alessandro MS-1
    AKG K702 with Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable
    Denon AH-D7000
    Sennheiser HD800 with Mundorf Silver/Gold
    Grado GS1000
    Alessandro MS-Pro
    Sennheiser HD600 with APS V3 cable
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    iBasso D4 Mamba Portable DAC / Headphone Amp
    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC / Headphone Amp
    Stax SRM-717
    Mapletree EAR+ HD Custom
    RSA P-51 Mustang

    Heed CanAmp
    Little Dot Mk IV SE (stock tubes) - CV4010 and 6H30PI Gold-pins version
    Graham Slee Solo SRG
    SPL Auditor
    Yamamoto HA-02
    Darkvoice THA-337 (RCA 6AS7G Black Plates with Jan Phillips 6SJ7WGT)
    Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ HD250SE
    Stax SRM-606 Limited
    Eddie Current Zana Deux SE
    Source Inventory:
    Marantz SA8003 SACD/CDP (modded by Effective Audio Mods)
    Marantz SA7003 SACD/CDP
    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC
    iPod Video (5.5G)
    VPI Classic, Benz-Micro Glider SL cartridge, Trigon Advance phonostage

    Rega P3-24 Colours with TTPSU, AT440MLa cartridge and Trigon Advance / Graham Slee Era Gold V phono stage
    Cable Inventory:
    Supra Dual RCA interconnects
    Van den Hul "The Name" RCA interconnects
    Audio Art IC-3 interconnects
    ALO Bling Bling iPod LOD
    Power-Related Components:
    Van Den Hul Mainserver
    Black Sands Violet Z1
    Iego L70530
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Yamaha RX-V1800 AV Receiver
    Q Acoustics 1050i stereo speakers
    Q Acoustics 1010 surround speakers
    Q Acoustics 1000Ci centre speaker
    Mordaunt Short Avant 309i sub-woofer
    Supra Rondo 4 x 2.5 speaker cables
    QED SR-SW subwoofer cable
    QED HDMI-P cables
    Music Preferences:
    Everything really, but with an inclination towards 80s and 90s rock, and female vocals.
    Nikon D700 camera
    Pinarello Dogma bicycle with full Campy Super Record Gruppo and Campy Bora Ultra 2 wheels


    List of Equipment: Please see my Profile
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