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    Campfire Dorado 2020

    I apologise, I should have been more clear. I was referring to the people who mistook the Animus review for Crinacle and went along with it. None of it was directed at you as you were only giving your opinion on the matter and knew that the reviewer was not Crinacle. I’m sorry for that.
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    Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Jan 2020)

    All right thanks! Do you have recommendations for a newer models/more known models as I can’t find these 2 in Singapore where I stay,,,are the new LG v60 thinq good?
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    Campfire - Solaris

    This could be a possible explanation to the unit variance found last year.
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    Oops I misread. I feel their midbass is a little above neutral but not by a lot. you might want to ask those who actually own the Z1r to weigh in on this as I have only listened to them for short listening sessions :)
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    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    I have heard the qdc gemini and they sound really clear
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    Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

    Do you have any preferred sound signature? I like the fiio fh5, they have good tonality and a fun sound signature. The bass slams with good impact extends very deep, which is very rare at that price range. If you want clarity and details, you can go for the ety er 4xr or the massdrop plus.
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    Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

    I think they are quite outdated. Crinacle ranks them as C ranking, and says this "Tonally dead. One-note bass. No treble worth mentioning." Maybe they will be a good buy for $200...
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    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    On crinacle's subreddit, I heard rumours that the distributor at camjam mentioned a 7 driver, 1000 limited edition, black andromeda coming soon for a few hundred extra. Is this true?
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    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    I think they tried to cater to the bass heads with the V2. But problem is, the bass overwhelms everything. I can see only a small portion of the market enjoying these. I don't think they should market it as V2, maybe market it as "bass edition" because it certainly isn't a upgrade from V1 (it's...
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    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    Wait till you hear the IO V2 hahaha
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    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    Agreed. The IOs are actually very capable sounding iems ruined by the middle finger midrange spike. IMO if Campfire releases the IO V2 with the fixed midrange, it'll be a giant killer and even a mini andromeda
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    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    Heads up, Atlas is having a B stock sale at 799 Usd now
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    Campfire Audio IO

    I have listened to these more in-depth and here are my updated impressions. I listened to them on my Samsung S9+ on loud volume, and with my large Spinfit tips which gives me excellent isolation and bass seal. To sum it up, I feel that the IOs are an otherwise excellent iem let down by a...
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    Campfire Audio IO

    I listened to these, and here are my impressions First impression: absolute crap! I can immediately hear that the tonality is very off. The vocals sound artificially boosted and the treble seems to have an artificial lift somewhere. This results in a bright sound that sounds terrible. The bass...
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    closed headphones that do not leak sound

    The ATH MSR7 have very good clamping force, meaning they will cup your ears tightly. Little to no sound will leak