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    AKG K501 love...

    Quote: yes sir
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    AKG K501 love...

    Posted my pair on eBay but would much rather reach a deal with someone from the boards.  PM me if interested  
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    I want a watch, not a piece of jewelry

    Quote: Originally Posted by vibin247 The Hamilton Field watch would be a nice daily wrist buddy. There's a great reccomendation. I have three Hamilton's (two khakis and a jazzmaster) and all are very well made, function flawlessly, and look great too. As for everyone else's...
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    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    Let's see what all is coming to the meet: Headphones Senn HD 495 Senn PX100 AKG K501 AKG 271 Shure E4 AKG K701 AKG 240S Grado RS-1 Grado SR-60 Senn HD650 Grado SR225 Source Units iAudio M3 My Yamaha home CD carousel Amps BH S.E.X. Amp Misc BH Foreplay Line Stage And...
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    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by wolfen68 I'm currently working on logistics. The problem with Sunday is that its Packer Game Day! One word...Tivo
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    Meet in Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Area

    If anyone was following this thread, please look at the new thread I started with meet details
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    Favorite Music Manager/Jukebox?

    I've been using MediaMonkey for a few years now and love it. Easy to use and tons of useful features even in the free version.
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    Hydration pack, choices choices.

    I've been using a Camelbak Rogue for the past few weeks and like it a lot. Only 70 oz but more then enough for my needs.
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    Ray LaMontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black

    Been listening to Trouble for the past few months and love it. Melissa bought the new disc last week and she hasn't let go of it yet for me to bring into the house and burn so I've only gotten limited listening time in her car and what I've heard so far sounded good but not enough to form a true...
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    Meet in Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Area

    I'm always up for hosting at my place. I live in Waukesha and have a pretty roomy apartment that could host about a dozen folks comfortably. I'm in this place through the end of October at which time we're moving into the house we're buying also in Waukesha. My wife works every other weekend so...
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    Show us you Bike Thread

    I just ordered a Trek 7500 the other day and should pick it up on Monday
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    This has to be the worest music video I ever could someone do this?

    Dude, that video made me throw up in my mouth a little
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    Feb 19th SE Wisconsin Meet Impressions

    Well this meet turned into a mini-meet after several of the people who intended to show up had to back out at the last minute, but you know what they say, S*** Happens. As it turned out it was just myself and Brian, aka Audiosceptic, who I must say is a hell of a nice guy. Since I am currently...
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    SE Wisconsin Meet Feb 19th

    If anyone is still thinking about coming tomorrow, just PM me for address and directions