Jones Bob
Headphone Inventory

Retired and/or Sold:
STAX SR-007 MK2.9
Audeze LCD-3F
Audeze LCD-3C
Audeze LCD-X
Audeze LCD-2.2
Bose QC15
AKG K701
Headphone Amp Inventory
DIY Dr. Kevin Gilmore designed KGHV Grounded Grid electrostatic headphone amplifier. GRHV/GRLV PS. TDK 4CP-2500 volume control. With Marshall EL34B matched quad

Retired from headphone use:

DIY Dr. Gilmore designed KGST

DIY Dr. Richard Marsh designed headphone amp. A great amp, only reason I retired it, can only play with dynamic headphones, which I no longer own.

DIY PP 6V6 tube amp (based on Poindexter's Musical Machine with Electraprint PSSS Copper Primary/Silver Secondary output transformers)
Music Angel PP 6P1P (6AQ5) tube amp

Schiit Mjolnir
Schiit Lyr
Altmann BYOB
DIY Tripath
Source Inventory
Schiit Yggdrasil with Gen 5 USB, Analog 2 upgrades.

Retired and or sold:
Schiit Eitr
Schiit Gungnir w/USB gen2
Schiit Bifrost
DIY ESS9023 DAC with LiFePo battery supply
DIY Buffalo II DAC with Paul Hynes shunt regulators and supply, then replaced with LiFePo batteries.
Cable Inventory
Furutech rhodium XLR panel connector with Neotech custom silver/gold alloy internal wire on amp.

Pangea Audio Premier XL USB Cable A> B cable (0.5m)

2x 18Ga (effectively 15Ga) solid silver w/teflon insulation umbilical cable between DIY LPS and Mac mini

Straight Wire Crescendo 3 balanced ICs

Lifatec glass toslink
AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet
Ridge Street Audio Designs Poeima!!! silver-ribbon balanced XLR interconnects
Curious USB Cable
Straightwire Crescendo II balanced XLR interconnects
Monoprice XLR balanced interconnects
AudioQuest Diamond USB cable
Q Cable French Silk TRS single ended copper litz headphone cable.
DIY Evidence Audio XLR balanced interconnects
Schiit PYST XLR balanced interconnects
Silflex glass toslink cable.
Stock Audeze ADZ6SE TRS single ended and ADZ6B4 XLR headphone cables
Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Premium headphone cable
Power-Related Components
OE power cords.

DIY Paul Hynes PR3HD (with custom choke input) 12VDC Linear Power Supply for Mac mini.
Other Audio Equipment
2013 Mac Mini as music only server upgraded with
16G memory
256G SSD
1TG external HD
Audirvana Plus

Apple Airport Express -modified (retired)
AQ Jitterbug (retired)
W4S Remedy (retired)
Sonore microRendu (retired)
Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS-1(retired)

Altec 890C Bolero speakers modded with vintage ESS Great Heil AMT tweeters.

Altec Model 19 speakers.

DIY Evidence Audio speaker cables

iPhone X 64G
Audio-Related Tweaks
Shorted all unused Yggy digital inputs. Analog outputs not shorted. ERO cap mod.

Synergistic Research Blue fuse (5x20 1A fast blow) for Yggy
Music Preferences
Tibetan finger cymbal blooper outakes,
Japanese Acid Kodo Drums,
Slim Whitman
Anything by William Shatner
NPI Project Engineer: US, China and Malaysia