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    purabm bought a pair of HD595 off me. Communication was quick and clear. I'd gladly work with him again...
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    SOLD: iBasso D2

    It's a Monday... Bump...
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    How good is DIY audio compared to what you can get in the stores?

    Quote: Originally Posted by m1abrams I have also seen IBM offer servers that you can "upgrade" over the phone much like the DEC you describe, however IBM made no bones about the fact that they sold you a software "crippled" box. It just makes sense for them to do this really. Cheaper...
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    How good is DIY audio compared to what you can get in the stores?

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks here's another dirty secret about commercial gear. in big name popular-lines (like home theater receivers) they often have a base design and then *depopulate* the board to create artificial variants of the top model (or some base). Often...
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    SOLD: HD595

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    SOLD: iBasso D2

    For sale is an iBasso D2 Viper and associated bitz. If you're not familiar w/ the D2 Viper, more is available in this thread: The unit is in very good condition (no obvious scratches or dinks; not used for portable but as desk amp)...
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    Amp Kit for Denon D-7000

    I've heard some pretty decent feedback about the Ratshack station; it's not a total piece of crap... Main limiting factor many seem to complain about is getting additional tips, as some stores carry them, some don't, and you have to dig around to find online vendors that carry the OEM tips...
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    Digital Volume Control for Balanced?

    The two that I remember coming across and keeping in my bookmarks are: TentLabs - Volume control based off Audio Volume Relay Attenuator with IR Control Bent Audio - :: TAP
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    Speakers on a budget?

    If the PSB B25 doesn't work out, or if he starts to get bitten by the bug, you should try talking him into building his own. With those gorgeous stands he's making, he should have no problem following one of the many recipes floating around for bookshelf speakers and coming out with an amazing...
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    Sennheiser HD 900... (?) Rumors

    It'd make perfect sense to release additional models in the same line both above and below. They've already invested the $$$ in R&D. Release a "middle of the road" model (not that I'm calling HD800 middle of the road, but from their plans/perspective it could be) at a premium. You have the...