Sep 10, 2008
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    Mountain biking
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stax SR007 Omega II Mk1/ SR-404LE | Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN | Koss 25th LE Porta Pro | Sennheiser MX-W1 | Sieveking Sound Omega Stands

    Previously owned: HE60, HD800, ED8, PS1000, HF2, GS1000, W5000, W1000, D7000, D5000, HFI-780, CD900ST, PFR-V1, IE8, SE530, W3, UE 5EB
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Stax SRM717

    Previously owned: SPL Phonitor, HA-02, iQube, Pico, SR-71A, T2
    Source Inventory:
    Rega P9 with RB1000 | JA Michell Tecnoweight & Clamp | Origin Live Performance Mat | Dynavector XX2Mk2 | Whest PS.30RDT

    Astin Trew AT3500plus w/Siemens CCa & Furutech Fuses

    Previously owned: Rega P3-24 Color with Groovetracer Reference Subplatter, Monrio Top Loader 2, iMod 5.5, Azur 740C
    Cable Inventory:
    Acrolink 6N-P4030 w/Oyaide M1 & F1 | Oyaide Tunami | Hisago Gourd GCP-900 | Pure Silver Sound Quartet | VDH Orchid
    Power-Related Components:
    Wattgate 381 Wall Receptacle | Isotek Sigmas | CSE RK-100 w/Oyaide R1 & Cryo Audio Fuse Tech Fuse | Oyaide MTB-6
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Harbeth Super HL5 w/Sound Anchor Stand | Quad QC-24 w/GE 6111 | Quad II-Forty w/Tungsol Smooth Gray Plate 6550 | Solidsteel 5.4
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Audio Desk LP Cleaner | Furutech DF2 | SK-EX | Acoustic Revive RL30Mk3/ RGC-24/ CS-2F/ IP-2F/ QR-8/ PSA-100/ REM-8/ RR-77 | Telos Platinum Caps | Mapleshade Silclear/ Ionoclast | SFC SK-EX | Millennium Audio M-CD Mat Carbon with Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue | Marigo Audio Signature Mat | Oyaide INS-CF | TAOC RS35G/ TITE-35S/ TITE-25MF
    Music Preferences:
    I listen to almost everything!
    Mathmos, Apple - Mac
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