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Dec 11, 2018
Nov 24, 2009
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Seattle, Washington

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hydora Send PM

100+ Head-Fier, Male, from Seattle, Washington

hydora was last seen:
Dec 11, 2018
  • About

    Seattle, Washington
    Headphone Inventory:
    Ultrasone HFI-780
    Sennheiser HD25-1 II w/HD-650 stock cable
    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9
    Audio-Technica ATH-EC7
    Westone 4R
    GRADO SR-125
    Alessandro MS-1000
    Klipsch Image X10
    Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro w/ Null Audio Lune cable
    Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro w/DIY re-cable
    Etymotic Reserch ER-4S w/Cable adapter + Westone ES custom cable
    Hisoundaudio PAA-1
    Hisoundaudio PAA-1S
    Shure E1c
    JBL Reference 220
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    algorhythm solo
    Qable iQube
    Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed, Silver
    Portaphile V2^2, Black
    RSA SR-71A Black Bird, Black
    HEADPHONIA Arrow 12HE 2G
    HEADPHONIA Arrow 12HE 1G
    Go-Vibe Petite
    Go-Vibe Derringer
    iBasso T-3
    iBasso D-10 Cobra
    AMB Mini^3 (DIY) Gain set at 3
    MisterX Mini^3 Gain set at 5
    FiiO E5
    little bear b5
    Source Inventory:
    Hifiman HM-602
    iBasso DX100
    Sony Walkman NW-Z1070 (Japanese model) 64GB, Blak
    Sony Walkman NW-A847 (Japanese model) 64GB, Black
    Sony Walkman NW-X1060 (Japanese model) 32GB, Black
    Olympus m:robe MR-100 5GB, Rockboxed
    MEIZU M6 SL 8GB, Black
    Nationite S:Flo2, 16GB+16GB microSD
    KENWOOD Media Keg MG-G708, 8GB、 Black
    KENWOOD Media Keg HD10GB7, 10GB, Black
    KENWOOD Media Keg HD20GA7, 20GB, Black
    KENWOOD Media Keg HD30GB9, 30GB, Black
    KENWOOD Media Keg HD60GD9, 60GB, Black
    Sansa Clip+, 8GB, Black
    Sansa Clip, 8GB, Black (Rockboxed)
    Sansa E200, 4GB (Rockboxed)
    COWON iAudio 7, 16GB, Red
    COWON iAudio 7, 8GB, Red (Brand new, Never been opened yet)
    COWON iAudio 7, 8GB, Silver
    COWON iAudio U5, 8GB, Black
    COWON iAudio U3, 2GB, Black
    COWON iAudio X5, 30GB (Rockboxed)
    COWON iAudio X5L, 30GB (Rockboxed)
    COWON A2, 30GB
    COWON J3, 32GB, White
    COWON D2+, 16GB, Black (Rockboxed)
    iRiver H340 (Rockboxed)
    iRiver H10, 20GB, (Rockboxed) Blue
    iRiver iHP-140, Black (Rockboxed) STOCK ORIGINAL
    iRiver iHP-120, 80GB, Black (Rockboxed)
    iRiver iHP-120, w/iHP-140 exterior 40GB, Black (Rockboxed)
    iRiver iHP-120, Black (Rockboxed) STOCK ORIGINAL
    iRiver iHP-100, w/iHP-120 exterior 20GB, Black (Rockboxed)
    Asus Nesus 7 2013
    iPad Mini 32GB, Black
    iPhone 5S, 32GB, White/Gold
    iPhone 4, 16GB, Black
    iPhone 3GS, 16GB, Black
    iPod Nano 3G [Product] RED ,8GB
    iPod Nano 5G, 16GB, Black
    iPod 4G U2, 20GB, DIY-MOD (Rockboxed)
    iPod Video 5G, 30GB, U2 clone, DIY-MOD (Rockboxed)
    iPod Video 5.5G, 80GB, Black DIY-MOD (Rockboxed)
    iPod Classic 6G, 160GB, Black
    iPod Mini 4GB, Silver
    iPod Mini 32GB CF, Silver
    iPod Shuffle 4G, 2GB, Silver
    iPod Shuffle 4G, 4GB, Stainless steel
    hisoundaudio RoCoo-P
    Hisoundaudio AMP3 Pro2, 4GB+16GB
    Toshiba Gigabeat S60
    Toshiba Gigabeat S30
    Toshiba Gigabeat F40 (Rockboxed)
    Toshiba Gigabeat F10 20GB, (Rockboxed)
    Toshiba Gigabeat U202 2GB
    Philips GoGear Muse, 16GB
    Cable Inventory:
    ALO iMod Vcap Dock
    Whiplash Audio Micro Elite TWag LOD
    LOD For Sony
    DIY Silver LOD
    DIY Copper LOD
    DIY Silver Quad mini to mini
    Super Slim LOD build by momomo6789
    Silver iMOD LOD build by compicat
    Silver & Copper iMOD LOD build by compicat
    Cardas Mini to Mini
    Other Audio Equipment:
    BOSE Home Theater (Garbage?)
    Old AIWA
    Music Preferences:
    Big Band
    Cycling (MTB, ROAD, PISTA)
    Motorcycle (Harley Davidson FLSTF Fatboy)
    Automobile (Lexus LS430)
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