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    Sony xb90ex worth it? basshead IEMs

    I have my sights set on these IEMs because i'm looking for some good "fun" not muddy bass and I like the flat cable. Any thoughts or suggestions before I pull the trigger and get these. I mainly will use these to listen to electronic music such as Trance and Hardstyle. Budget about $80 to $100...
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    Time for some new IEMs

    I'm looking for some good "fun" bass but not muddy. I primarily listen to electronic music like trance and hardstyle. My budget is about $80-$150. I have my eye on a few already: Sony xb90ex, Shure 215, Etymotic mc3, Atrio m5. I'm leaning towards the shures or etymotics because they go deeper in...
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    JVC HA-FX1X Vs. MEE M31??

    Which of the two are clearer, if possible haha i love bass but not when it gets realllllll muddy
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