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    Search tips for buying tubes on eBay?

    Hi there If you do a search for m8161 nothing comes up unless you do a search 'Worldwide'. I always do this looking for tubes as postage on these is usually very small. I got 4 EL34 big bottled Electo-Harms for £8.30ish post from USA. Also try a multiple search using this string in...
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    Zhaolu 2.5 what CD player is this equivelent to ?

    Hi there I have a Technics SL-PS900 and want to improve sound quality. After long investigation I'm about to plump for a Zhaolu 2.5 ( poss a 7.2 ). However just before this a previous thread re sub $400 DAC or CD units sparked the obvious question "What level of dedicated CD player...
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    Best for headphones - Zhaolu+discete amp OR Citypulse 7.2

    The Citypulse seems to haver a lot of good comments but I was wondering between the two as I will be using mainly headphones ( Grad125s ) over speakers. Is there any clear difference in sound quality between a Zhaolu armed with the discete headphone amp section and a standard Citypulse 7.2...
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    Upgrade path - Shengya S10CS - Zhaolu/Litte Dot

    Hi there, I'll try to keep this as simple as poss. I currently have a Technics SL-PS900 through a Yaqin MC10L tube amp and Celestion Impact 40s...and a pair of Sennheiser RS120s . With kids on the way my listening is now going to be headphone biased for some time to I'm...
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    Is my Zhaolu DAC 2.0 dead ??

    My DAC came from Zhaolu without being modded...QC issue..possibly...not an issue really for Zhaolu as I'm sure its a very small % but you'd think all units would be tested before leaving the factory leaving only transport to damage and would have to be quite a jolt to break a board connection (...
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    Is my Zhaolu DAC 2.0 dead ??

    Hi Paul, Thanks again for your help...mine's still going fine. Crossed wires a little ...I bought mine via'm sure from all the posts on this board Eddie does a cracking job. It is a fab sounding DAC and I'm delighted its working at the mo thanks to you..if it goes off...
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    Is my Zhaolu DAC 2.0 dead ??

    pmkap, your bang on ....sadly !!! so much for quality control from our far eastern chums.... Well were do I go from the problem the main pcb or the this a possible diy fix or a shop.....sending it back to Hong Kong is a no no.. going well at the moment though....some...
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    Is my Zhaolu DAC 2.0 dead ??

    I've just received one of these from Hong Kong ( sorry ). It works when I connect to the phone-in sockets but all I get is loads of static and a faint sound of music when connecting via a digital coaxial or toslink. I'm using various DVDs at the moment as transports and using PCM and...
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