Continental Europe
Headphone Inventory
in frequent use: inear sd-2, beyer t1, hifiman he-560

other stuff:, aurisonics rockets, etymotic er4s, ath-m50s, nad hp50, beyer dt1350, etymotic hf5, tdk ba200, shure se425, havi b3 pro 1, fischer audio dba-2mk2

note that I eq stuff to my sound sig preferences
Headphone Amp Inventory
in frequent use: fiio e12, topping nx1, corda jazz
other stuff: corda rock, lake people 103-s
Source Inventory
in frequent use: sansa clip zip (rockboxed)
other stuff: android devices (for network streaming & audio books)
Cable Inventory
linum music for sd-2, otherwise stock
Power-Related Components
don't underestimate the power of parametric eq
Audio-Related Tweaks
parametric eq is key
Music Preferences
jazz and other stuff that nobody else likes
posing as a display dummy (see my avatar)