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    Best headphones for jogging (ER4P too much microphonics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by JB. Have you tried an open phone for jogging? I formerly used only closed phones for exercise, but switched to KSC-35’s when my sweat melted one of my old earbuds. I would recommend at least trying an open phone, if for nothing else than the improved awareness...
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    FS: Ety er6i

    hello, pmed you about this but if you are not interested in selling to me, just say so. thank you
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    Shure E4C - Reviews, Opinions & Ramblings Thread

    hello, I wasnt mistaken. bobeau was making posts about the E4 about 6 hours before in another thread. Then he came back and posted he just got them. That's where my comment was directed towards.
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    my good old E747

    Hello, Also partsolver sells the EARPHONE MDR-E747SP SET for 54.95. And those were the stock buds for the special edition DAT player TCD-D100.
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    No Way Shure E4 Replaces E5

    hello, Point being people are looking for phones to split up the considerable Ety market And where did this info come from?
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    Help, brandnew E5 cracks

    hello, I swear some people have no common sense at all. If the product is new and you have an issue with the build quality, by all means send it back or take it up with the party you purchased it from.
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    Best actual audiophile player

    hello, Don't feed the trolls.
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    How many ohms would lower spl 25dbs?

    hello, I think jmmm is confusing the variable pot performance on the attenuator with actual resistors.
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    I think I know why my Ety's are so bright

    hello, Yes the original cord is braided.
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    I think I know why my Ety's are so bright

    hello, You do indeed probably have an er4-s as I have one as well with the black pod that I bought back in 2001.
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    Future Sonics EARS EM3 or ER6i

    hello, mr iriver, The shure treble rolloff is intentional by design and doesnt need any fixing as the E1, E3 and E5 are designed for live performance IEMS vs pre mastered recording sound and this is where the Shures shine vs the etys which are designed primarily for monitoring studio...
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    Future Sonics EARS EM3 or ER6i

    hello, Without additional info such as what equipment he is using, what codecs, genre of music etc etc, how can you come to the determination of eqing mr iriver? What if his hardware has no eq or amp?
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    Future Sonics EARS EM3 or ER6i

    hello, Owning both, I would say neither would suit your needs for midrange performance as the em3 has literally no midrange to speak of much like the at ath-a900 (extended highs and sloppy bass overlap gives the midrange its sound.) and the er6 without an amp has more emphasis on the highs...
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    Got an iPod Photo and...

    hello, Way too much treble on the e3?