Happy Camper
Who's askin?
STL area
cars, saltwater husbandry, photography, sports, sciences, staying alive
sports, astronomy, physical sciences, cars, poker, fishing, kayaking, photography, hunting, farming & becoming independent of the grid
Headphone Inventory
Home- RS-1 (bedside and portable), HE-6 Grill and felt modded (main rig)

Portable- Ety4s, ATH-EW9

Gone- K701, HD580 (yeah I haven't spent money to buy my badge of experience) But my buddies have given me plenty of experience with their obsessions. Thanks guys.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Home- Singlepower Extreme Platinum w/BG output cap.(Boat anchor that I use bedside), Rotel RMB-100x2 125w @8 ohms

Portable- Xin Macro 4 (seldom used)
Source Inventory
Lynx Hilo, Pioneer Elite DV-47A (SACD&DVD-A)
Cable Inventory
Virtual Dynamics Power 1 on transformer
Power-Related Components
Isolation transformer for dac and computer
Other Audio Equipment
Speaker rig- Martin Logan SL-3, Arius, Logos
Velodyne HGS-15
Source- Pioneer Elite DV-47A
Blu-Ray Panasonic
B & K Ref.30
AMP- B & K 5720 (380w x5 @ 4 ohms)
Audio-Related Tweaks
felt covered the surfaces of the HE-6.

replaced grills to a more open weave
Music Preferences
50s-70s rock/prog., acoustic, pop, old country
new age, blues, bluegrass, any new experiences, what cha got?
Panasonic VT-30 65" plasma
Gas services in the medical industry


Laptop>Lynx Hilo>Rotel RMB-100 mono blocks>HE-6SE
Ipod Classic>Xin Macro IV>RS-1