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Jun 1, 2015
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South Carolina

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    South Carolina
    Headphone Inventory:
    he6, se846, k3003i, westone UMpro30, he400i, re600, Koss shp900, HD650, HD600, Dunu dn2000, ATH IM02, JVC fx850, IE 800, IE8i, Grado sr80, Grado gr10e, SE535, AKG k701, Beyerdynamics dt1350, Beyerdynamics dtx900, ATH-esw9, Denon AH-MM300, Earsonics velvet, Yuin OK1, Westone UM2, Grado SR225e, Klipsch X11, ATH IM03, Bower & Wilkins C5, P7.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Krell evo402e, Pass labs xa30.8, benchmark ahb2, pass labs int30a, Sanders magtech, Nuprime ida16, Alesis RA150/RA500, Bryston 2b-lp pro, Crown d75a, Schiit Vahalla 2.
    Source Inventory:
    schiit ygg, schiit gungnir multibit, ps audio perfectwave MKii, wadia 121, Creative sound blaster e5,. Marantz na8005sa. Nuprime ida16, Hifiman hm901, re700, Schiit Bifrost. IBasso DX90, Astell & Kern ak120, Ipod classic
    Cable Inventory:
    silver dragon, black dragon, norne draug2, norne silvergarde, q cable, Curious USB, Anticables reference USB, Cabledyne reference silver usb.
    Power-Related Components:
    tripp lite is1000 power isolator
    tripp lite IS1800HG
    Wyrd USB
    Uptone Regen
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Upton USB Regen
    Teradak linear PSU
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Software: JRiver mac v19 with hrtf plugin. Cracked Amarra.


    Prism Ada8xr-> Lavry da924-> Conrad Johnson Pv10A-> Ahb2 -> he6
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