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    Headpones for Rock - Metal

    Marshall Major series are my favorite for anytype of rock metal music
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    Comment by 'Hakan Gencer' in item 'Avantree Audition Pro'

    My order arrives with deep hissing noise and some random distortions at left side. Box seal was opened also, probably they sent me a refused product by previous customer. After several attempts to fix and factory reset according instructions in manual book, opened a trouble ticket on official...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi everyone,    I am long time runner lurker here,   Iam all around audiophile and using cell phone (galaxy s6)  to listen music but I love tasty sounds. Because of ear shape situation I cant use in-ear headphones, so I am earbuds fanatic. I am still discovering earbud world, will be lurker...
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