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    Building a light but powerful electromagnet.

    I don't know if you've ever used magnet wire before, but it doesn't have traditional insulation. It has a sort of oxidized (or something similar) coating. You can 'strip' this coating off with a cigarette lighter. Just make sure that whatever gauge magnet wire you choose, it can handle the...
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    Help building the Ultimate Music Computer (power supply).

    you could always just regulate the whole PC's power. My idea on this would be look at ham radio surplus. For instance, I have a 40V, 8A linear power supply (~25 lbs and quite large) that could be turned into a linear PC power supply with an additional assortment of voltage dividers and...
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    Off topic DIY question

    just something to think about... but if this is for a super high brightness bike light, try looking at the luxeon star LED's. They are REALLY REALLY bright. And being that you're thinking of 20x white LED's, the price should be similar too.
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    Balanced volume control

    As far as I can tell, you're SOL. The linear pot + resistor as aprox log is only good when you're deal with a voltage divider. Here, we're talking about a simple rheostat. I can't think of a good way to get variable log resistance other than using a log pot. Sorry.
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    Building a light but powerful electromagnet.

    Quote: Originally posted by Voodoochile Canadian quarters can be picked up with a magnet. I was thinking the same thing until I saw where Kelvie hails from. True, but I still like the method I came up with. That way you have no bumps on the quarter to increase the gap, and you have...
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    High quality 1/8" stereo jacks
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    Building a light but powerful electromagnet.

    ok, here are some other thoughts of mine.... because inductance increases with diameter of the coils, using a larger coil diameter is in your favor. However, this also means you need a larger core. I would suggest finding a high permeability piece of iron stock, machining it into a...
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    Building a light but powerful electromagnet.

    Just playing around on google.....few little facts for you to play with --------- The force between two magnets equals B2A/(2KU0) where: B is the magnetic field (measured in teslas), A is the cross-sectional area (in square meters), K is the relative permeability of the magnet...
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    Guitar pedal request

    Ok, so let me just try and figure out the circuit. Please tell me where my errors are.... The 'IN' socket mono socket with 2 isolated ground wires -pin 1, tip : pin 2, ground : pin3, ground -When a mono plug (as used in guitars) is inserted, the tip portion of the plug shorts to Pin 1...
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    Guitar pedal request

    why is the battery negative connected to the 'in' ?
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    Guitar pedal request

    is this how the circuit should look?
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    heads up

    wow, those are some beefy film caps
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    Mains CMOY (dual secondary trans) ?

    I think you could very easily leave that resistor out. However, I can't read what values of caps you are running. So I can't compute what the filter ripple will be. That is about as simple a power supply as can be had, but should do the trick.
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    7 pin pot question

    taken from Chu Moy's Cmoy page on headwize
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    And yet another clone

    As me and my friend were looking at the pictures I took, I was zooming in and realized that I tossed the wrong opamp in in my haste. An OPA2132 instead of the intended one. Oops, but after a quick switch, I heard what this amp was really capable of. The OPA2132 was really great sounding...