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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    Thanks but there were like this out of the box. Anyway, I tried cleaning them like you said and it didn't help with the stock tips, Sony Hybrids or any of the other tips (of forgotten origin) that I have. I've never had eartips get stuck in my ears before. I have a T400 which does seem to fit...
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    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    I've got a ZS5 (original version) and am super impressed with the sound but I'm having problems with the tips coming off. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to keep them on in a non-permanent manner? I've got a huge collection of tips at the moment and am not looking to buy a new set.
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    AAW A3H Pro V2 Review (w/ V1 review)

    It's interesting that you find the A3H to have a rolled off treble, this mirrors what I hear on mine but is different from what I heard on the demo unit which was quite a bit brighter.  I don't dislike the way the my personal pair sounds, it does make for an easy earphone to listen to. 
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    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    I find the single flanges to be the best tips.  They offer identical sound to the bi-flanges and are slightly better than the foam tips but with isolation somewhere in between them.  There's a reason why you get more than one kind of tip, not everybody has the same experience with each one.  It...
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    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    After using it for a week, I continue to be impressed by the earphone but I'm not liking the cable so much and it's my only real complaint.  It's flexible and has a premium (for want of a better word) feel to it but the grippy nature of it can be problematic.  If the cable is slightly tangled...
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    headphones for $200 canadian that are good for heavy metal and are polite to bad recordings (sorry about asking a new recommendations thread i figured i could get more answers this way)?

    I have the AD-900.  They are okay for metal, they have good speed and energy but not much bass.  They are quite detailed and not too brutally revealing BUT they are bright so badly recorded treble sounds pretty bad.  Unless you listen stuff like Burzum or similarly poor recordings, you should be...
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    Advice?: In-Ear headphones ~60$ (for training mostly)

    The quality of the CX300 is quite bad IMO.  Fit is alright but not great so they don't stay in your ears as well as some others, cables are very microphonic too and the sound is very boomy and dominated by the bass.  Spending a bit more would give you a huge SQ improvement so +1 vote for the M6...
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    Flat sound vs. "fun sound" flat isn't fun?

    I find that for well produced music, flat headphones can sound good with everything but colorations can be a hit or miss.  Also, I think dynamics play a bigger part in contributing towards a "fun" sound than the overall balance.
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    Review by 'grahamnp' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-AD900'

    I'll start of with the physical aspects.  The headphones have a magnesium and plastic construction and feel light but well built.  The 1/8 to 1/4" TRS adaptor is nicer than most and the cable is good (thick, no memory, strain relieved etc.) but single entry which I don't care for.   Fit is...
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    Need some suggestions on IEMs at or near $100 without heavy bass

    They meet pretty much all of your criteria.  I'm not a fan of their build, I have the older, more fragile version, but they sound great for what you pay.
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    A Head-Fi Survey

    What are your musical preferences? Almost exclusively alternative rock (~36% metal, ~33% punk, ~30%indie) Where do you listen to music mostly? At my desk, in my room. What hours do you usually listen the most or is it totally random? All hours of the day but mostly at night. As of this date...
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    time to ship alessandro ms1i headphones to australia? sells them for AUD150.  Service is great, shipping is free and you get their 20 day trial policy.
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    [Review] EQu parametric EQ for the iPodtouch/iPhone/iPad

    Thanks for the review!  You mention that pulling the headphone plug out does not switch the player off.  I actually find this to be one of my favourite things about the iphone because I can store my earphones and switch the player off at the same time without taking my phone out of my pocket -...
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    PFE or RE0

    I find the RE0 good for death, trash, metalcore and whatever little jazz I listen to.  It would need a bit more bass quantity and weight to be perfect for the metal subgenres but the speed of its bass is very good for those genres and I think it's a decent tradeoff for the price.
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    IEM sound vs full cans sound

    I think that for a given price, a full size headphone will only give you advantages in soundstage and maybe dynamics.  These were the areas in which my MS-1 beat my RE0 but the MS-1 was outclassed in all other areas and I paid slightly more for the MS-1.  My AD-900 which costs more than double...