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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Quote:   Catspaw, is this what you are looking for?   changing earpads
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    Returned AKG K550 and VmodaM100. Would really appreciate some feedback for my search!!!

    I finally pulled the trigger on HE-400 (made sure its rev2) and ordered it along with the velour pads (i hope it is easy to change  ) I wanted to thank everyone on this post who helped me make this decision. I hope this is the one.... I will post my reviews once I get it.
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    Returned AKG K550 and VmodaM100. Would really appreciate some feedback for my search!!!

    Thank you for the responses. It sound like Ultrasone 900 is similar to M100. Obobskivicn, I accidently pulled AKG K1000 instead of Kenwood K1000. Holy crap AKG K1000s are ugly :)))    (couldn't find kenwood k1000 on amazon)   Would anybody be able to comment on the headphones I listed in my...
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    Suggestions for an upgrade on my Vmoda M80s (~$500 budget)

    Hi Everyone,   My uncle loved my V-Moda M80s, so I ended up giving him the cans as a gift. My setup was V-Moda M80 + FiiO E17 (I bought both of these based on all the great feedback on these forums). Now I need new cans, I've been trying to decide what I want and how I want to improve on...
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    Sleek Audio SA7

    I recently sent them a message through their website asking about the same question and received no response. It was probably 2-3 weeks ago.
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    Hmmm it says the sneak preview is going to be in the Popular Science Magazine May issue (hits the shelves mid April) :-) I'm glad I waited on buying SA6 (crossing fingers for SA9)
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    Suggestion for IEMs ($400-$500) budget

    Thank you for all of the suggestions I will review all these listed models and come back with more specific questions. You guys rock!!!
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    Suggestion for IEMs ($400-$500) budget

    Hi Everyone, I was all set on Sleek Audio SA6 and was about to buy. The biggest reason was going to be the W-1 wireless capability. Unfortunately, I read alot of negative comments regarding the build quality of these headphones. They changed the cable in 2009; however, it looks like the build...
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    Sa6 Questions

    Thank you so much!!!!! I didn't know you could adjust the cable lenght like that awesome!!! I'm going to buy it tonight
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