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    Audeze LCD-3 Mahogany Wooden Box

    Up for sale is a brand new storage box for the LCD line of Audeze headphones, which I had purchased as an extra. This is the deep mahogany storage box with high gloss finish. I have since sold my headphones and have no use for the box. Asking $OLD + shipping to the Continental US.
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    SOLD: Etymotic ER4-PT

    Bump, pics added!
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    FS: Plexiglass cover for PWD / DirectStream / P5

    Up for sale is a custom plexiglass cover sized for the PWD/PWDII / DirectStream / P5 Regenerator. This is sized for a stock device without any aftermarket feet or bases. The cover is great for keeping the dust off of the piano finish or keeping dust from getting inside the ventilation grill of...
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    Mullard ECC32 - Brown Base

    I decided to sell off most of my audio equipment, which includes my tube collection for my Eddie Current Balancing Act.   The first tubes up for sale are:   Mullard Branded ECC32 (rarer brown base version) - This tube was used in my Balancing Act set-up and still functions fine - $215   Tung...