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    Resonessence Labs Concero discussion/review thead

    Hi Folks, i have a problem with my Concero HP. The volume control isnt acive anymore and i have no output signal. It powers up (red), synchronizes to blue. And all the rest works. (Filters, Buttons up down, start stop) But no signal. When i am connecting it with headphones on, i hear a quiet...
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    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    Some more data:   Outer diameter housing ca 28mm Inner diameter housing ca 26 mm Membrane diameter with brass ring ca 25 mm White spacer washer outer diameter ca 25 mm White spacer washer inner diameter ca 21,5-22,0 mm Stator diameter (hard to say cause of the glue) ca 22 mm   Thicknes...
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    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    I am glad i could help you. But these pics where from the net. So if there is more you need please PN me or reply. Then i will open mine.   I just did a little scale up/down procedure to identify the grid dimensions of the stator. So here are the results:  
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    The Stax Thread III

    Hello   i am referring to an old post on page 53 of the former Stax Thread. May be somebody can help.   Thread an post : (Its Post 791 by audiod)   Member "audiod" postet a "Stax High Voltage Supply" for normal and High...
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    Ultimate ears 2-pin connectors

    I had the same problem. I went to the basement and had a look to my electronic garbage. (Old receiver, printer, etc.) There where a connector plug that was identically - just it was in a row of 8. So i cutted them with a carpet cutter and a hammer in 4 pieces giving me 2 pins each with the white...