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    FS: Nice Pimeta

    Bump -- will let the amp, cables and chips go for $120, OBO... please PM or Email if interested.  Thanks!
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    Pimeta - Open
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    Pimeta - front
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    Pimeta - top
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    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Sandisk Sansa E250 from rockboxed it, added an 8GB SDHC card and am very happy . 'Cept for the screen size maybe... if it were bigger I'd watch videos on it more often. Also planning on upgrading to a 16 or 32GB card when they drop in price & come up in speed class.
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    Philips SHE9500 review

    Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe I have these and they compared favorably to the V-Moda Bass Freq's that I sold. But IMO for $30 new you are much better off getting a PK3 for $40, as the PK3 is in a different league. I don't hang around Head-Fi much these days... where is...
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    Philips SHE9500 review

    I like the laid-back quality myself... I can listen louder/longer,without ringing ears. But i'm not a metalhead or anything, & fans of more aggressive music might want to think about it. I dunno. Non EQ-snobs can always boost the treble a bit :-p.
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    Philips SHE9500 review

    I think they're very decent earbuds for the price... at least as good as something like a Koss Portapro, and actually much better balanced, more neutral sounding. I also use the larger tips, and find them very comfortable indeed for a cheap earbud. As you mentioned, they seal perfectly, and...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    ATM, Amr Diab (just general faves I've put together).
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    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance hate to be a killjoy, but am i the only one that thinks new years is an overrated hyped up waste of time? i mean money is wasted on fireworks, people just get drunk. for me the only good thing is its a public holiday, which means i get extra...
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    Looking for a few alpha testers...

    Hi all, long time no see! I'm looking for a few (<7 or 8) testers for a very, very simple Visual Basic program that does nothing useful ATM, but I need to determine a few things about MSIE 7. Requirements: MSIE 7 installed, on any version of Windows. Program: All it does (or SHOULD do)...
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    FS: Headsave Go-Vibe V2

    *Bump* - going up on eBay soon. Someone take a chance on the v2, it's a terrific sounding portable amp with AD8620 opamp installed. Unfortunately I don't listen portably/amped anymore.
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    oh my god whats wrong with me?!

    Why not get a mini to RCA and use a 1/4" plug adapter? Should have about zero effect on the sound.