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    First pics of the iAudio X5L Nekked Edition!!!

    As the others have said above aluminium oxidises really quickly. One option would be to paint it with something cool eg POR15 If you paint it with this stuff you will NEVER need to worry about it getting scratched EVER again they call this stuff hammer-tough for a reason I have some...
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    MP3 player in car (with no deck)?

    Try using the Lineout and you may need to make an EQ setting for i the car. But it should work
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    Iaudio M5 vs Iriver 340

    Ok guys its coming up to the new year and my new role at work dictates that i will be doing a lot more travelling in the new year. I am looking for HDD based dap that sounds good and has a remote ( too used to the whole remote thing after having my MZ-N1 ) it will be driving ER-4P's...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Considering your sports and this last comment, is that an experience, or masochism??? Hmm the pain was definately part of getting it. I'm not too fussed about how it looks, but i did enjoy getting it done ( even the pain ) and the added...
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    Personally I've had anipple piercing for many many years now and its great. Not as sensitive as it used to be tho. I would get more but my current sporting activies would make it very difficult to get any more in normal places and i dont want my old fella pierced and my teeth would probably...
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    Recommended cable ?

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for an appropriate cable to make some new headphone leads for my ER4p's ? also am i better off running two shielded leads per earbud or one dual core cable. hmm the other question is whether its viable to use the cable shielding braid as...
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    Xin Ety cable Mod

    from some of the other threads ive seen it looks like the cardas pins might be the go. Can anyone confirm whether they will fit in the Ety holes ?
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    Xin Ety cable Mod

    In the updated cables there is an image with some much nicer pins used. anyone got any idea what those pins are ? also anyone got any got recommendations as to what cable to use in making these ? it seems like the standard Sennheiser HD 580...
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    BEST hi-fi closed portable/in-ear/canal

    in ear buds look at Etymotic ER6 ER4P Shure E2c E3c E5c or if you want really exotic - UE-10's but to get a bit of aidea at what your looking go and have alook at and a run through thier seltor section, its got good info and will give you a good knowledge base...
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    Fixup's ety cable mod Question

    hmm just thinking about what cable to use for this mod, and it seems like the standard Sennheiser HD 580 cable might be a perfect choice. Also it looks like the pins might even be the right size. Can anyone confirm this for me ? ( i haven't received my ER4p's yet )
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    Fixup's ety cable mod Question

    In the updated cables there is an image with some much nicer pins used. anyone got any idea what those pins are ? also anyone got any got recommendations as to what cable to use in making these ?
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    Song Recommendations for When Really P'Oed?

    Hmm PO'd music Anything by Strapping Young Lad Devin is one angry man hmm also brujeria or some nailbomb or even static-x or my current fav a local sydney bad called tourettes ( a very angry young landy witrh lungs of leather )
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    Rio debuting 7 new music players

    OK, a whole thread on thwe Karma and not a word on who made it ? ehehheehheh Time for a quick history lesson. years ago a wierdo decided he wanted mp3's in his car ( mazda miata i think ) he tried it and lo it was good he and few of his mates decided other people might like to...
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    MG Head Transformer

    Jsut wondering if anyone knows the specs of the power transformer of the MG Head. Mine is a 110V version and i would like to convert it to 240V. im just looking for the values of the secondaries Cheers, Fbleagh
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    Sennheiser HD600's vs. 5.1 surround?

    I prefer headphones for movies now. especially if you have access to dolby headphone ( amazing ) think about it this way , the representation of spatial references is going to be tailoered to your head, ie no wierd reflections off walls or that little desk in the corner etc. also good...