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    WTB HM-801 battery

    I want to buy HM-801 battery.
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    The DIY Discman Repair Thread

    If you got the 410-CA, it will work. It's just the motor a little bit shorter.
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    if WAV & ALAC are both lossless why does WAV sound better on ipod?

    I personally found many Portable players decode WAV better than other lossless files like flac, ape.  I am not sure why but same song will sound the same with foobar when I play it with computer or laptop in any lossless format.  So weird.
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    A Dap that works well in a car?

    why not buy a new hand unit?   Quote:
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    How To: Installing and Uninstalling Rockbox to the HiFiMAN HM-801, 603, 602 and 601.

    I was just playing some 16/44kHz wav files.
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    How To: Installing and Uninstalling Rockbox to the HiFiMAN HM-801, 603, 602 and 601.

    rockbox my hm801 but immediately feel like degrade on sound quality.   also i notice that the player was cooler when running Rockbox.
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    Want to buy HM801's Old original Amp card

    Want to buy HM801's Oldest original Amp card   The card should look like this attached 1)With 220uf, 10V capacitors 2)With two golden holes (see attached pic)   Probably around $70.  PM me if you have one for sale.
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    help with Korg MR1

    may be buy the parts only and replace yourseft to avoid fee? Quote:  
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    Epic score: A vintage Marantz PCD520 (PCDP)

    Nice! Vintage PCDP has the best SQ.
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    FLAC Player for iOS - Call for Beta Testers

    is beta testing still going.  can i be a tester?
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    Best SQ for Portable Recorder

    I would say they have same SQ.  But characteristics was quite difference.   Hifiman is very warm sound and PCM-D50 was netural and flat like Sansa player.   Notice that PCM-D50 is much cheaper and it has optical output. The best part is that It used 4 x AA battery which is very...
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    Is Sansa Clip + really that good?!

    For those of you that think that when you listening to clip, you are listening to no colored music.  You are totally wrong! Take a look at your earphones and none of them produce flat frequency response.   So no matter what player you use, you end up with colored music by your earphones...
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    What's the best sounding DAP on the market ????

    Again, people in this forum keep overating Sansa series players.  My Sansa Fuze sitting junk in my car for long time already.   Rio Karma / B9 are the players that I like to listen everyday.   Quote: