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    Findings with regard to repair of Monolith M300 planar canalphones

    Those of you who recognize my avatar know i have a bad habit of buying broken headphones. So i pulled the trigger on a "right side not working" M300, pretty complete set, $40ish shipped. These really are a half-baked design, if that. But anyway. Construction method is glue. Cyanoacrylate...
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    indie hip-hop, alt hip-hop, revolutionary rap, turntablism

    It's popular in my generation (gen-x) to say that good hip-hop died in the 90's. And yeah, once upon a time i was a white boy in the burbs listening to Run DMC. Commercial hip-hop really has gone some pretty horrible places over the last 30 years, but i discovered a couple-three years ago...
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    Suspiciously AKGish drivers on aliexpress?

    They turned up today. I'd take pictures but they look exactly as advertised. Like a K500 driver (like a K400 driver but shiny) Exact fit in the spare K400 frame as predicted. Have not listened to them yet.
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    The Stax SRM-001 mod thread

    I would have to assume that one or more solder joints are sub-par. Did you apply any solder flux? I heartily recommend kester flux pens.
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    50mm Driver Recommendations

    Old thread, but I'd be remiss if i didn't point out that these are 50mm: I bought a pair thinking i would retrofit them into the Presonus HD-7 i picked up for <$10, which are identical to the...
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    SRD-7 to SRD-7 Pro MkII upgrade board

    I sort of got distracted slash lost interest? I am unsure of my design, and it needs at least one more revision. In order to really measure the bias voltage, I need a high impedance probe, and I bought a 1-gigaohm resistor from mouser for that purpose, but I still need to design and print an...
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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    Actually, the *right channel on this k400 has an issue, so i guess I will commence exploratory surgery some time this weekend
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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    Yay! Got my saved search notification from eBay sunday morning, for parts or not working K601 $30 buy-it-now. Yes please. Arrived this morning. Red wire broken off of the solder lug on the right channel driver. Easy fix. Just gotta run the velours through the wash with a load of shirts and...
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    The Ear Pads Thread

    Obscure cans but if you are looking for pads for a Beyerdynamic DT-302 -- which is built like a HD-414 but with smaller capsules -- Plantronics Supra Plus "doughnut" pads work well.
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    FX Audio Tube-02: Where's the gain?!

    A couple weeks ago i bought an FX Audio Tube-02 headphone amp from Parts Express on a whim because it was cheap and i wanted to order some other stuff from them too. It sounds ok even with the included chinese tubes, but, it appears to have substantially negative gain? Making things more...
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    Home-Made IEMs

    Alright here are pics of my Westone 3 parts.
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    CCA in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    I have a lab-grade function generator here with a 600-ohm output so it's trivial for me to run a mono sine-wave into a headphone amp. Also of course i know how to use goldwave too so it won't take long to make some wav files with stereo channels 180 degrees out of phase. Anybody know the...
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    CCA in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    The center one sounds normal.
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    CCA in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    So low bass drone that should be solid but is more warbly an indication that they are wired wrong internally? If the back actually comes off these it sounds like an easy fix.