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Headphone Inventory
The weird

Hifiman HE-400, Interesting take on the planar sound but the sound signature intrigues me.

The Good

Superlux HD668B (Amazing semi open cans give pricier competitors a run for their money and bring shame to other competitors in their price bracket and above)
V-Moda Crossfade M80 (a little bassy but controlled , could have better/more extended treble, everything else is flawless)
Phillips Citiscape Uptown (2012-13 model, impressive closed can. The best closed can under USD70 today)
Samson RH600 (Outstanding open headphones, incredibly cheap price for a great sounding can)
AKG K-518LE White (foam mod,neutrik plug modded, bassy but delightful, good isolation)
JVC Flats HA-S160 Silver (Impressive cheapos nothing is wrong about their sound and build qualityfor the price)
ClarityOne EB110 (cable fixed, not bad but a little artificial sounding definitely V shaped),
Vsonic GR04 Pro (removed the black color of the plates due to black paint degradation now they look golden, impressive mids,almost no sub-bass extension, good highs, no longer available )
Phillips SHE3590 BK (I use them with MH1 tips and they sound very good for 7 bucks)
Sony Ericsson MH1-BL (Filter mod, impressive, hating the cable but it get less annoying using the clip, believe the hype)
UE 200 purple (love 'em but I just wish they coudl have more natural highs an better bass extension for the pice I think they beat a lot of their competition anyway outstanding isolation)
Phillips Oneill SHO2200BK (Really nice mids, lack of real bass extension,useless tips)
KOSS Ke10g impressive but finicky fitted cheapo earbuds sound pretty decent for the money although the cable looks like a thread, flimsy is an understatement

The Not so good

Sennheiser EH150 (easily congested, almost no soundstage but decent headphones for the money, I use them for guitar playing, discontinued)
Nixon The Trooper (White with vmoda cable , stock cable sucks) Marginally better than regular consumer crap from Panasonic and the like)
Phillips Citiscape Downtown SHL5605GY (don't believe the hype, much better after extensive burn-in, classy design not as feminine in gray and brown color)

The Bad

Phillips SHH3580 (no center vocals, shame)
JVC gummy's (they were cheap)

The ugly

Motorola S305 (bluetooth, pre head-fi, (horribly fake metallic and clipped highs),
Panasonic DJ-120 (pre head-fi, they suck)
Panasonic DJ-600 (pre head-fi, very uncomfortable),
JVC-HAM5X (bought out of curiosity, the same that killed the cat)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Fiio E6 (nothing fancy here I know)
Source Inventory
Cowon Plenue M, Ipod Nano 5g 8Gb Black, , Mac Mini 2006, Sony MiniDisc Sony MZ-R500 MiniDisc Recording Walkman
Cable Inventory
Nothing fancy
Other Audio Equipment
Pioneer A330 home stereo, , Vox VT50 Guitar amp, Altec Lansing Orbit portable speaker, speaker.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Used a CF card and an ata to CF interface to revive my ipod Classic 4G, recabled some headphones (full size), removed foam pads from my akg
Music Preferences
Alternative Rock , Post Rock, Indie, Progressive Trance, Pop, Electronic Pop, Dance Punk, Jazz, Classical, Metal, Hip-hop (The Roots), EBM, IDM,german Techno, Psytrance, Goa Trance, Psychodelic Rock, experimental music in general and a long etcetera.
Mac Mini, Logitech K750 Solar powered keyboard, Playstation 2
Tech support for Apple users, review writer for the most decent headphone store in my country


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