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Jun 25, 2019
Jan 15, 2016
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Teaching, Counsalting, Research

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100+ Head-Fier, Male

edulov was last seen:
Jun 25, 2019
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    Teaching, Counsalting, Research
    Books, Music, Video, Pets, Cooking, Swimming, Hand crafting
    Cars, Science and Science Fiction
    Headphone Inventory:
    Original: Akai ASE-9S; AKG - K240MK2, K271MK2, K55; Beyerdynamic DTX-501P; Bluedio R+ Legend; Bose On-Ear (1.0); Denon D1100; Fischer Audio FA-006; Grado SR80e; JVC HA-X580; Knowledge Zenith LP3; Koss - Pro 3AAT, Pro 4AAT, QZPro, WM/60; M-Audio HDH50; Samson SR850; Schultz CW Earphones; Sennheiser - 280Pro, HD497, HD228; Shure - SRH145, SRH440, SRH750DJ; Sony - 10RC, Q25S, V55; Symphonized Wraith; Takstar HD6000; Tascam TH-02

    My Mods: Gemini HSR1000 (Takstar Pro80); Jabra Revo corded; JVC RX700; Presonus HD7(Superlux 681); Samson RH600; Sennheiser - Momentum OnEar (1.0), HD205-II, HD430, HD477; Takstar - Hi2050
    Std Mods: Sennheiser HD558

    DIY: Nakamichi Retro(NK2030) with drives from Audio Technica SQ5; Sentey Warp with drives from Audio Technica WS55BK; Sound Intone CX-05 with drives from AKG Y50; Tribeca Performance (Esmooth 830) Ebony with drives from AKG K619;
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Original: Asus XONAR DG, Creative Omni 5.1, Fiio E10K, Topping TP32EX;

    Modded: Nobsound/Douk/XY 6j9p 2x tube hybrid amp (Amperex JEP-6688, US tubes; LT1364 op amps)
    Source Inventory:
    SACD, FLAC, MP3 (high bit rate)
    Cable Inventory:
    Kirin HiFi shielded low-noise OFC, original and self made
    Power-Related Components:
    External UPS powers all major components
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Fiio M3 player, Fiio D06 portable head.amp., iPod, iPad
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Computers with top notch PSU's, Powered amps behind UPS.
    Music Preferences:
    All, except: black metal (and similair), modern EDM, hip-hop&rap. Nevertheless even excluded styles are in my collection if music is well composed, vibrant, professionally mastered with good vocals and lyrics.
    1.5m tropical fish tank with clown loaches as main stars
    Applied math&IT expert. Grown hearing good gear and good music. Most relatives have talent in music.
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