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    [WTS] Stax SR404LE and SRM-T1S(tube amp) combo. shipping worldwide

      still up for sale my lovely stax combo. they are both in a very great condition. no visible scratches as i have taken a good care for them. i bought them from japan recently. Stax SRM-T1S Serial C-0165. it has been profesionally altered to 220v (Europe). it could be easily altered to fit...
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    The Stax thread (New)

    what about the T1S as compared to T1? are they any major differences in sound quality besides the balanced input?
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    [WTS] Recabled ER4P with pure silver cable By EFN.

    for sale, ER4P recabled with pure silver, great job done by EFN (Long Lost Great DIYer). reterminated with Switchcraft mini plug which filled with a 75ohm resistor inside the jack. accs only left with a new pair of tri-flange and a used pair of tri-flange tips. no other accs included. what you...
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    [WTS] Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic in mint condition

    interested in trades with dac as well..