May 29, 2008
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    General Highend Hifi
    Headphone Inventory:
    Klipsch Image
    Source Inventory:
    Yamaha GT-CD 1 modified with Tentlab XO-3 Clock
    Apple iMac (ALAC-Files)
    Apple iPhone (ALAC-Files)
    Sony PS3
    Cable Inventory:
    LS-Cable Main: Nordost Frey Bi-Wiring
    LS-Cable Center: Nordost Frey Bi-Wiring
    LS-Cable Rear: in-akustik Atmos Air 123 silver

    IC-Cable MAP I to Ceasar II Tube Mono Block: Homegrown Audio IC-4 silver braid
    IC-Cable MAP I to AMP 5 Center: Nordost Tyr
    IC-Cable MAP I to AMP 5 Rear: Burmester lila

    IC-Cable MAP I to Woo Audio WA5-LE: Nordost Heimdall
    IC-Cable 4x TDA1541A DAC to MAP I: Nordost Tyr
    USB-Cable iMac to 4x TDA1541A DAC: Belkin PureAV Silver-Series
    Digital-Cable GT-CD1 to 4x TDA1541A DAC: Oyaide FTVS-510 with WBT 0110 AG

    Digital-Cable PS3: in-akustik Shining S-1

    Video-Cable PS3: Nordost HDMI-Cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Power-Cable: complete Oyaide Tunami/P-079e/C-079
    Fuses: PADIS/Furutech rhodium-plated
    Other Audio Equipment:
    audionet MAP I - High-End A/V preamplifier
    audionet EPS - external precision power supply & conditioner
    audionet AMP 5 - High-End 5-channel power amplifier (for Center & Surround Channels)
    "Ceasar II" 300B Single Ended Mono Block´s (for Stereo Channels)

    4x TDA1541A DAC with Lampizator Tube-Output Stage

    avantgarde Acoustic DUO Omega (main) - pure dynamics "Keramix" (center) - Canton Plus XL (rear) - Loudspeaker
    Music Preferences:


    Home Rig:
    iMac with ALAC-Files ---> Belkin PureAV Silver-Series USB Cable ---> 4x TDA1541A DAC with Lampizator Output-Stage--->Nordost Tyr IC-Cables ---> audionet MAP I (Stereo Modus) ---> HGA IC-4 silver braid ---> Ceasar II 300B Tube Mono Block´s ---> Nordost Frey LS-Cable ---> avantgarde...
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