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    Improving my system

    Hey guys, I was looking through other threads but could not find the answer to my problem I have: sourse: laptop - Echo indigo, sony D-303 Amp: go-vibe headphone: hd 565 (I think the sound quality is close to hd580), shure e2c It has been while since I last time I bought anything new...
  2. dthiep taking forever to ship my zen micro, why?

    dont worry it will come in 95% before march 14th Last time when I ordered from Amazon they waited a week before they shipped and when they did, they shipped it to me with express shipping (I chose free shipping) to get it on time.
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    Unhappy with grado 60

    Hey thats true I do "like to lie down close your eyes and gently sway my head head to violin" but "I also like to lie down close my eyes sway my head to" the eagles, queen, pink floyd, nirvana ..... ect and here grado also fails. well, maybe im to harsh, Grado are good headphones to listen...
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    Unhappy with grado 60

    I'll give grado more time before I sell them. Maybe the jump from senn to grado was too radical
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    Unhappy with grado 60

    Quote: Originally Posted by GoRedwings19 Reverse the bowl pads and stick them on. This will guage if the flats will be any better with slightly less highs than the reverse bowls and more bass than the reverse bowls. Try it now and post your impressions. I dont know if I feel less...
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    Unhappy with grado 60

    I dont really know in which direciton you mean. they are too lose(fall off) and too tight (painfull) No I dont have flat pads but would they change the sound much? or I guess I'm not a grado man
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    Unhappy with grado 60

    Hi I've been listening to grado 60 for the last few weeks and I'm dissapointed with them. The sound is too bright and when I play loud the hights becomes aching to my ears. Also the build quality is cheap and the headphones are uncomfortable. They are neither too tight nor to loose. They fall...
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    comfort problem with canal phones

    Hi Couple of years ago I bought Koss "The Plug" and I hate them. They did not fit me at all. I wonder if I gave up too early because I threw them away after few hours of trying to fit them into my ears with different tips and never tried them again after that (I could find since then). The...
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    What HEadphones should i buy for like 150 -200 $

    Quote: Originally Posted by sethk For someone getting into high end headphone's I'd say the Sennheiser HD580/600 would be the best bet. It is the headphone to beat in this price range - some people prefer extra bass, some prefer punch / speed, but given no information and asked to pick...
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    Recommendation for Portable Amp, $75-$150?

    For under $100 I would recommend Go-vibe (if you can get one)
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    Echo Indigo or Total Bithead for my laptop?

    Total BitHead is a headamp while indigo is a soundcard. For your laptop Indigo is better.
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    A900, my reaction

    does anyone have any experience with a900 + indigo? thanks, Hiep
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    Very Portable, Very Analytical, Very Cheap?

    first you wont get Shure E2c for under $50 (if you do share with me the info plz) second, Apple In-Ear, Senn MX450, MX500, MX550 will leak, no isolation and there bass is a little missing, so the choice is only between Sharp MD33 or Sony EX71SL, form what I know you cannot go wrong with...
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    HD-600 for $200 on

    Quote: Originally Posted by misterpk Appears this deal is dead. I tried to do that, and they wanted $350 for it. Looks like no for me! the same here
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    Friend wants cheap phones

    Try Sennheiser HD 497