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    Alessandro MS-1 developed a "vibration" sound

    Heh, blowing did nothing, called up alessandro and whoever picked up told me to send them in to grado and write a little note, they should deal with it.
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    Alessandro MS-1 developed a "vibration" sound

    How am I to open these things up? I tried but got no where.
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    Alessandro MS-1 developed a "vibration" sound

    The left driver of my MS-1's have developed a rattling sound in them, I tried emailing Alessandro about it, but they never replied, and actually it had been a long while sence I emailed them, it's just been annoying me greatly lately. Is there any fix short of buying new headphones?
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    Quote: Originally Posted by markl What does that have to do with anything? How does the number of people who also like something affect how much you like something? Do you profess to hate chocolate ice cream just because too many other people love it? No no, I mean they have a...
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    Nice guys finish last . . . don't they? / unspoken feelings

    (Word of warning, I am on my way to being a Sophomore in High School, and this is only what applys to me and at my school) Out of my closest friends right now, only one is a guy. Yet I'm sure that if I wasn't already very happy with my current SO, I could ask anyone of them out and they would...
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    Kernel Streaming can't find Av710?

    Hey guys, Running FB2k with KS, I tried running the recomended settings, and KS couldnt find the card, so I just got the new drivers and theres no change. DirectSound/2.0 and WaveOut both work, why wont KS? EDIT ugh. Everyone remember to set your resampler and bitrate right. lol. I got it...
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    Save Your Wallet- Block Head-Fi

    maybe contributors should have the ability to display which forums show up on their page, I'm sure its possible somehow.
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    Save Your Wallet- Block Head-Fi

    hehe, shhhhh. I know for a fact that head-fi is gonna absolutly murder my wallet no matter what, I'm just trying to slow the process. I could block ALL of head-fi with HOSTS but I'd rather not. I think I'm just going to change my bookmark just to the Misc.-Category Fourms and hope I never go...
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    Save Your Wallet- Block Head-Fi

    Lol a whole two weeks, we are all so proud. </sarcasm> I tried blocking the headphones forum using HOSTS and it didnt work, Maybe I'll try something within firefox.
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    What antivirus do you use?Recommend?

    All I can say is NO NORTANS! Nod32 or eXtenda AVK are the way to go
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    The substitute for WMP!

    Actually current version is 0.8.3 but that doesn't take away from the fact that there is no foobar for pocketpc. KenW, maybe you should have put "pocket pc" in the topic or atleast first few sentences? I'm sure you confuzed more then just me and proxops-pete here that you were infact talking...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    A Clockwork Orange, saw it for the first time at 2am. Goooood movie.
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    Best security software

    Outpost Pro Firewall & eVantek(somethin like that) AVK Antivirus. Or go linux, which I plan to do after i get myself a comp.. which will happen after the cans...
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    HAROLD & KUMAR Go To White Castle

    Sounds more like "Fudruckers" here, very tasty burgers that you put your own fixins on. But thats a whole different kind of burger, In and Out and Whitecastle are the kings of fastfood burgers.
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    Louder is Better ?

    Foobar is your friend MasonJar. Scan with replaygain, then use foo_burninate to burn using nero, all songs will be normalized. But that still doesnt help the fact that lables are ruining music. I think we should all pitch in and make a lable free industry where the cd is mastered the right way...