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    Quote: Originally Posted by Konig I think univ of Toronto is better. why? convenience: pearson airport rocks food: the food in montreal isnt as french as whative thought to be, and the variety is not as great as in toronto girls: toronto is slightly warmer for longer period...
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    Digilux 2

    If you are starting from a M camera, then I dont think the digilux is a good choice. First, it has a terrible electronic viewfinder - dont let anyone convince you that it is nearly as good, a tiny sensor that has relatively high noise, and good but not fantastic non-interchangable zoom lens. And...
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    Bought an NEC multi-spin cd rom and, as he is known for in the past, did a great job on the packaging with double boxing and multi layered bubble wrap. Everything works perfectly, communicated often during to process to make sure we were on the same page. He even threw in an extra cable for...
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    Nice Viper, Nice crash, Nice thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Talonz Why did the guy in front hit the brakes? From what I can tell, he braked going into the turn, then the viper tried to pass and somehow the corvette swerved to the left hitting the viper. Cant say why it swerved...
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    Need a little bit of advice about DHL

    Here is a trip of something I recently sent to the UK... hard to believe how many times they are just going to dump it back into customs again and again and again, and again. 2005/04/20 14:03 Item successfully delivered, safe drop at Receiver's address 2005/04/20 14:03 Item successfully...
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    How big is your ride? SUVs, Hummers and Four Wheelin' Yah or Nay?

    Quote: Originally Posted by pne I hate H2's, they're useless vehicles that don't deserve the hummer badge. Just because its large and has hummer styling doesn't change the fact its built on a tahoe chassis, although most people who buy one probably don't understand what this means and...
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    Around the World Travel

    For your European tour, you would porbably want to fly in and out of Athens and Moscow, because they are much further from the other hot European destinations that travel time by car or train would be exhausting. I was in Euope last summer by train and going through Vienna, Prague, Munich...
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    "All-nighters" are heinous!

    Quote: Originally Posted by philodox Staying up two days in a row is not too bad... you'll get a second wind eventually and will sleep a little longer the next night. I wouldnt recommend 3+ days in a row though... thats when the hallucinations start. Yup, I've had the...
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    Sik Din: original version or new "Ram Din"?

    Anyone ordering one of these in the states? Sik charges $16 for the cheapest method to Canada, and I think it can be done with a $2 envelope if there is no box. PM me and I'll pay for my cable, my shipping, and split your shipping (assuming it isnt ridiculously expensive). Please help!
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    DVD burnin' ?'s

    Here is the guide to creating perfect copies of DVDs split onto 2 disks. You'll need 2 programs, DVD decrypter and Ifoedit. You'll find them on the internet. copy dvds
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    Graduate studies in CANADA or USA?

    Quote: Originally Posted by br-- I see you guys are talking about Farenheit 9/11. Don't you mean Bowling for Columbine? That was about "gun culture", while the former was about Bush and the Iraq war. Right. I stand corrected.
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    Graduate studies in CANADA or USA?

    Quote: Originally Posted by minya This is exactly what I was talking about. Quite amusing, really! I have to disagree on every single point. yes, there are a lot of nice Americans. Didn't say that there weren't. People in Montreal aren't quite as nice as in Calgary. People in...
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    Meier Group Buy Canada shipping date

    Recieved in montreal this morning! Thanks
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    Meier Group Buy Canada shipping date

    Quote: Originally Posted by Natsuiro I only got mine on Wednesday. They had just arrived that day and I went to Trevor's place to pick mine up. You should get yours soon Natsuiro, do you have any contact with Trevor? Does he in fact have all the amps still? Everyone east of...