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    What's the best budget Xonar?

    Oki, thanks to all, I'll go for the DX :J
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    Mid-size headphone for outdoor

    Hi, I'm looking for a mid-size headphone for *outdoor* use for my iPod classic or Shuffle. Grados or giant cans are out of question, I'm planning to use them while running.    Any suggestion?
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    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    Two emails and 10 days and no replies from George. Is that normal? I desperately need a MS1 cause I'm listening throu a pair of 12€ TDK cans...
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    Grado updates and info

    They are even uglier. Construction and materials are ridiculous for the low-mid line. They are anti-ergonomic, probably overrated and overpriced. And I'm about to buy my third pair.
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    Alessandro MS-1, MS-2 Questions on usability

    They totally leak, at the point you should pay attention at the volume in the night if you don't wanna wake up the neighbors (no, this is not a joke). How much of the external world you can hear is probably just related to the volume. Are the two hphones big? It depends, the MS2 has quite a...
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    Worth waiting for the SR80i ??

    Consider the fact that the new SR80i comes with the cheapo pads, not the bowls. That's a huge minus, IMO. Oh, and they are uglier. But that's irrilevant.
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    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    I just want a new cable on my MS2 without paying absurd moneys on it, cause it's Just a Cable. Anyway, talking of the driver housing: isn't just plastic, like the RS1/2? The alluminium cup chamber shouldn't have any component attached (except the plastic part with the transducer). Or not...
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    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander I believe Qables is located in the EU and I am sure they offer Grado re-cables (I can't find it on their site but I know I have seen it before - can't forget those woodied beauties). Cheers! Qables is definitely out of my budget -_- tnx anyway.
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    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    Yep I thought about different options, like a DIY recable starting from scratch, or even buying a Grado cable (got a WTB thread open) and do the soldering myself (much better) but I'm very scared at the idea of heating the cups and ruin the housing. I'm waiting a reply from Grado, let's see...
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    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    The upper part of the Y (right chan) of my MS2i cable started making a cracking sound. What kind of option I have (considering I live in the EU)? Does Grado make repairs in/off warranty? What's the charge? Tnx, Luca
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    Finally, clean audio!!!!

    Uh.. are you hearing a difference?
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    Requesting advice: selecting good affordable headphones for mainly rock music

    Try the Alessandro MS1 (99$). Absolutely great for rock.
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    Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs

    I totally love Summer in Abbandon.
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    Birthday Is Coming up muhaha

    Music Series 2 if you like the Grado sound.
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    Will 192k Mp3's sound rubbish through $200 cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by smarrad is it worth spending $200 on a pair of good cans - A900s's, D2000's, ES7's etc. - when the majority of my music is mp3's imported at between 180k and 256k? Yep, definitely. While it's not exactly easy to spot the difference between lossless...