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Headphone Inventory
akg: k181dj, 240, 240m, 240df, 241, 270, 271, 280, 340, 401, 422, 550, 701, 1000
alessandro: ms-1i, ms pro, ms1000
altec lansing: im616, im716
audeze: lcd-3
audio technica: (ck9), es7, es10
beyer: t1
CrossRoads: (MylarOne X3)
denon: (recabled) d2000
equation: rp21
grado: igrado, hf1, hf2, vintage rs-1, vintage rs-1 balanced with joseph grado signature ultra-wide bandwidth reference cable, hp2
headphile: hhf1, v3 darth beyer, pf-1/ponywoo
hifiman: re262,re272, he500 proto, he6 (prototype), he6
jh audio: jh13 pros
jvc: dx1000
koss: ksc35, ksc75, porta pro, sporta pro, (rat shack) pro35
ortofon: eq5
philips: sbc3178
pioneer: se-a1000
sennheiser: cx300, (eh150), hd580(modded), hd600, hd650, hd800
shure: srh940
sony: (ex81), cd3000
stax: sr-001mk2, srx mk3, gamma, lambda pro, lambda signature
ultimate ears: (metro.fi),
v moda: remix
westone: w2, w4, es5
yamaha: yh2
yuin: g2a

akg: k81dj, 240m, 260, 501, 601, 701x3 (including fat-piped set), 702, 340x2, k1000
alessandro: ms2i, ms-pro
audio technica: ck7, esw9, ath-a900, a900ltd, ath-a950ltd, ad2000, w5000
beyer: 770, 880, 990, dt900/600
b&w: p5
etymotic: er6, (er4p), mc5
fischer audio: fa-011
future sonics: atrio m5
fostex: smeggy thunderpants
grado: sr40, sr60, sr325, rs2x2, rs1x2, equinox recabled gs1000
headphile: hp3000
kenwood: kh-k1000
klipsch: image x-10
koss: porta pro, (rat shack) pro 35, a130, a250
monster: mtpc
philips: shp895
sennheiser: cx300, cx95, hd25-II, hd595, hd580x2, hd600x2, hd650x3
shure: e500
sony: sa5000
stax: lambdas, sr001 mk2, O2mk1
ultimate ears: sf5pro, triple-fi 10 pro (m audio ie-40)
ultrasone: hfi700, ue2200, proline 750, proline 2500
v moda: vibes
westone: um2
yamaha: hp1
yuin: pk2, pk1

Spent some quality time with:
Sony MDR-R10, Grado PS1000, Ultrasone Edition 10
Headphone Amp Inventory
audio-gd c-2c
bada ph12
cmoy ra1
corda: headfive
creek: obh 21se
decware: zen head zh1
fiio: e1
grado: ra-1 (corded), hpa-1
headamp: gilmore v2-se, gilmore lite, pico slim
headroom: supreme
heed: can amp
little dot: III
melos: sha-1 gold
millet starving student
musical fidelity: x-can v2 w/ x-can ps & x-10d
rsa: hornet, protector, sr71b
stax: srm1mk2, t1
virtue audio one.2
woo audio: wa1

grado: ra-1 (battery & corded)
headroom: total bithead '06
headstage: lyrix w/ usb dac
practical devices: xm3
ps audio: gcha
rsa: mustang
rudistor: nkk-01
stax: srm-1 , 7t
xin: supermicro4
Source Inventory
yup, got some of those too including some tts and tuners.
here's some digital stuff:
adcom gda-600
apple nano 5g
iMod 4g
marantz cd-63mkII
musical fidelity a5
pioneer pd93
pioneer dv-578a
shanling cd-t100
sony dvp-s7000 (purported to be a decent player and very good transport)
toshiba sd3980 dvd/cd player (purported to be a good player / transport)
Cable Inventory
Power-Related Components
a whole bunch
Other Audio Equipment
Audio-Related Tweaks
mmm hhhmmm
Music Preferences
goood stuff! (especially prog - GG rules!)


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