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    Click while starting and ending an audio file

    Dear all,   I just noticed using an audio file with a high frequency noise on it, which is not audible by people, that when I start and stop the reproduction, the system generates a click. I tried it with two different audio files, one encoded at 96 kHz and one at 192 kHz. I do not listen to...
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Hi, IMHO, the HD650 are way better than the HD558/HD598, in another different league. For me, the difference between the HD650 and the HD800 is much smaller than that between the HD650 and the HD558/HD598. But you need an amp for the HD650, and a good source.
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    Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc - Head-Fi TV

    Hi All,   Thanks to Head-Fi and HDTracks for the information and for the music.   Just wondering when are coming out new Jazz binaural albums? I would like to have more of them.   Best Regards,   Daniel
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    The Brian Bunker Trio:     I found this on Magnatune, and like it a lot. 
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    Frank Sinatra sings Only for the Lonely - BNF Collection

    Many thanks for your answer! Gracias xD Daniel
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    What makes certain music enjoyable for you?

    Hi!   Between Pasive and Active listening, I think I hate background music, so would be more the active kind. I do not know what kind of element makes me enjoy the music, but when I really like something, I forget about everything else.   Daniel
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    Bob Dylan albums - Itunes vs. everything else.

      Hi StratocasterMan,   In my case, I do not dismiss the more recent Dylan albums, it is only that I try to explore Dylan chronologically.   Thanks for your comments,   Daniel
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    Frank Sinatra sings Only for the Lonely - BNF Collection

    Hi all,   I just found this:   It looks it is a needle drop, or some other kind of scanned from a comercial available copy of Only for the Lonely...
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    Please delete - Duplicated post

    Please delete! Duplicated post.
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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    hi! My 558 was stock, any mod at all. I like it better than the 598, I feel it gives a better texture to the music, and more emotion. The 598 has a slightly better sound stage, but both are very good on this area. Have a nice day, Daniel
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    is it Sibilance?

    Hi all, Yesterday evening I was listening to music using the hd800, and notice that in one recording with female vocals, there were acentuated sounds I never noticed before. They were not "ssssss" or "shh" as the description of sibilance I found here, but there are a lot of acentuated swalow...
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    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Hi people, Many are talking about the fatiguing trebel, but for me the fatigue come from the stereo bass. If I apply the crossover in Jriver when I feel tired of the headphones, the fatigue goes away. The same has been already commented by another member, I think in this same thread. Try it...
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    96/24 Vs. 44.1/16 Vs. MP3 320

    Dear all,   I realise I made two mistakes:   1) When applying the low pass filter, I did not use enough "roll off" per octave, only 6dB. Now I applied 48dB at 20kHz, but I am still getting audio signal below this frequency. I amplified the remaining signal 45 dB, and I could hear the song...
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    96/24 Vs. 44.1/16 Vs. MP3 320

    Dear all,   I wake up very early this morning, and as my wife did not want to speak with me at those hours, I had to occupy my time with a little experiment.   First aim was to find a way to verify if there is a way to verify that the process I am using to rip my CD's was properly...
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    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Dear all,   At the moment I am examining my system, and need advice. I have the following:   - Mac Mini as source; - Connected via USB to a JKenny modified M2Tech HiFace (Jkenny USB/SPDIF MK2); - Connected directly to a one side BNC-F adaptor, directly connected to an attenuator, which is...