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Headphone Inventory
AKG: K701
Beyerdynamic: DT531, DT880-2003
Koss: KSC-75
Stax: SR-404, SR-Lambda, SR-Lambda Professional

AKG: K240 Sextett LP, K340, K501
Alessandro: MS-1
Audio Technica: ATH-AD700
Beyerdynamic: DT770-Pro/80
Grado: HF-1 #157
Koss: modded KSC-75
Sennheiser: HD580, HD595
Stax: S-001MK2
Headphone Amp Inventory
G&W AT-F100
Meixing Ming Da MC66-AE
Stax SRM-1/MK-2

Cheap Chinese clones:
Yulong HEF188 (Lehmann Black Cube Linear clone)
Confidence Amp (Graham Slee Solo clone)

Heed CanAmp
Meier Audio Corda HeadFive #213
mSEED Spirit
Original Master
Stax SRM-001
Z-Audio mu
Source Inventory
Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496
E-MU 0404 PCI
E-MU 0404 USB
Oritek Modded Zhaolu D2.0 v4 w/ black faceplate, AD1852 & CS4398 DAC boards
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro (for laptop)

Chaintech AV-710
Zhaolu D2.0A Coem Audio Australia Edition
Cable Inventory
A few Blue Jeans LC-1 & 1505F for analog and 1694A coaxials for digital

Outlaw Cables PCA RCA interconnects

Van Damme Twin Hifi Interconnect Cable terminated with Neutrik gold plated phono plugs from Robert Schofield Audio

Xindak AC-05

Rose Voix RC-1

eBay 280 strand glass TOSLINK
Power-Related Components
G&W TW-02DX power conditioner

Some fat computer power cables

A very non-audiophile Eaton PowerWare 8-way surge protected power board
Other Audio Equipment
Eymotic ER-20 baby blue ear plugs

Some "gaming headsets" I reviewed for a gaming website and that were never asked for back:

Everglide S-500
Icemat Siberia
Razer Barracuda HP-1
SteelSeries 4H
SteelSeries 5Hv2
Audio-Related Tweaks
HD580 - HD650 cable and HD600 grilles

HF-1 - bowls, flats, C-Pads and HD414 pads

Modded KSC-75 - Kramer modded, quarter modded pads, and recabled with 22 AWG Mil Spec silver plated copper, and terminated in a philmore nickel plated 1/8

MC66-AE - Old Soviet stock 6N6P output tubes, and either the Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand or Shuguang 9GT 12AX7 input tube

PPAv2 - using 2 x AD744 (comp pin out) + AD829, 2SA1930 and 2SC5171 output transistors

DAC-AH - LM7808 regulators running at 8 volts, DAC chips heat-sinked, analog output section bypassed for passive output with Sprague vintage paper in oil caps, caps in power supply upgraded to Panasonic FM and Nichicons

Heed CanAmp -

16v 4700uF Jamicon caps replaced with 35v 10000uF Evox Rifa low ESR caps

35v 100uF Jamicon caps replaced with 35v 100uF Rubycon ZA ultra low ESR caps

63v 100nF film caps replaced with 250v 470nF Evox Rifa polypropylene caps

100v 100nF film caps replaced with 250v 470nF Evox Rifa polypropylene caps

IN4002 diodes replaced with UF4002 ultra fast recovery diodes

5W 100ohm resistors replaced with 10W 100ohm Sprague Koolohm resistors

63v 470nF film caps replaced with 250v 470nF Evox Rifa polypropylene caps

NE5532 Opamp replaced with DIP-8 socket and fitted with AD823 Opamp

63v 10uF Jamicon caps replaced with 100v 10uF Nichicon Muse Fine Gold caps

12VA Avisor transformer replaced with 30VA Clairtronic transformer

Hookup wire replaced with 20awg silver plated copper with teflon insulation

2 prong power chord replaced with 3 prong grounded Australian power chord
Music Preferences
Anything and everything except maybe crap the stuff
Headset eBusiness


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