Jul 26, 2010
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    vintage headroom supreme with modded power supply
    Source Inventory:
    notebook, sansa fuze
    Cable Inventory:
    mogami 2893
    Other Audio Equipment:
    just want to list what cans that i've heard : (in any order)

    jh16 + twag 2.0 eclipse (balance) + rsa 71b (balance)
    stax sr202, 404 + srm01 pro bias
    shure 535, sm3 v1, um4, tf10, recabled er4s , and many cheap iems
    dt 880 600/250 ohm, dt 990 250 ohm, dt 770pro 250/80 ohm, alles ms1i, and some others
    dt 1350, senn hd 25
    ortho recabled pro30, t20rp mkII, recabled t50 v0, hifiman he 5
    some amps (diys, schiit valhalla, build-in cdp amps, and some cheap portable amps)
    some dacs (gamma1, some cdps, some cheap dacs)

    some ipods (touch 4th gen, shuffle 1st gen, photo, and many)
    Music Preferences:
    anything that sound great
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