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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    Well, after researching the alternatives a bit, I keep coming back to the Melomania Touch. So I ordered a set, should be here by the end of the week... Now the wait begins...
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    iFi ZEN DAC discussion + impression

    Check the power supply. I had the same problem. I used a generic 5V 2.5A power supply and my Fiio M6 battery was still drained (although it was slightly less than with USB power only). When I swapped the generic power supply with the iPower from my Zen Can, there was no more power drain. I...
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    Koss KPH30i appreciation thread

    Yeah, that's what got me to where I am now with the KPH30I
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    Koss KPH30i appreciation thread

    Are there any pad options that are just a little thicker and easier to get on than the Yaxi pads? I want to keep the KPH30i small and portable, so the Grado-style pads aren't really an option for me. I currently have a set of AliExpress PortaPro pads on it now (which are slightly thinner than...
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    Great headphone sound? It’s in the CAN! iFi audio ZEN CAN!

    Well, I couldn't stand not knowing. So I grabbed a pair of IEMs that I was willing to sacrifice, hooked up a balanced cable and plugged it in the back of the Zen Can (which is hooked up to a Zen DAC as well). Conclusion: The rear 4.4mm output of the Zen Can *IS* volume controlled (so pretty...
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    Great headphone sound? It’s in the CAN! iFi audio ZEN CAN!

    Has anyone used the Zen Can both as a headphone amp and a pre-amp for active speakers? If so, can anyone tell me if the rear 4.4mm output of the Zen Can is always active? Or is it switched off when a set of headphones is plugged in? I'd like to know, because I found out that in a few weeks...
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    S:flo2 impressions thread

    Or even just the same one... With a slightly faster processor and less crappy GUI... And maybe reduce the power of the line out a tiny bit. I still have mine, maybe I should see if it still works.
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    FiiO RC-BT Bluetooth Cable with MMCX Connectors

    Recently found my Fiio RC-BT in a case stuffed in the back of my nightstand. As since I last used them, I've upgraded a few possible source devices. And with weather warming up & working from home due to the whole covid thing, a set of decent sounding wireless inears for calls & music would be a...
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    Reply to review by 'Coop' on item 'xDuoo XD10 Poke'

    Silly question maybe, but do you know if the cables from the xDuoo XD10 fit the Ifi devices? I've been looking at an upgrade for my portable setup, but the USB A connectors sticking straight out are putting me off. But if a cable with the 90 degree connectors from the xDuoo fits, that would be...
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    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    Maybe you can have someone 3D print replacements for you? Or maybe you can find them on sites like Shapeways etc. Also, iirc there's a few people on ebay who strip headphones and sell the parts.
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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    As I'm a chronic insomniac, I'm looking for a set of wireless IEMs that I can use to help me get to sleep. I have tried a few things, but wired doesn't work (I woke up with a cable pretty tight around my neck a few times). I already have the Fiio BT cable to use with several of my IEMs, but...
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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    Yes, all my orders from uncle Ali that were shipped through SunYou have arrived... Eventually... Every single one has taken a lot longer than expected. Longest it took was somewhere around 50-ish days iirc.
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    Vivaldi- suggestions?

    Holy thread resurrection, Batman! I only posted that almost 6 and a half years ago... :L3000:
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    Europe Deals Thread

    Onkyo H500BT Bluetooth Headphones on dutch iBood for €79.95 + shipping
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    Europe Deals Thread

    Integral 256GB UltimaPRO V30 UHS-I U3 MicroSDXC card for £27.99 Free shipping in the UK, £1.95 outside the UK (for the 1st 3 items, £1.00 for each additional item)