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    Hi End HP and Iphones

    we can't help if you don't give us more details, there are previous threads and discussions about this as well ya know, but we would be glad to help you out if you need it. There are such things as portable amps, maybe check out some by ALO audio.  
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    AKG K702 Impressions.

    Quote: nope, never saw this, it's awesome!  It's weird to be listening to a youtube about how the AKGs 702s are made through the AKG 702s, haha. 
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    Which Classical Music to Buy? (Composer, etc.)

    Liszt piano concertos 1 & 2 played by Sviatoslav Richter.  gorgeous, electric stuff.   Album named "Rite" Gustavo Dudamel conducting the simon bolivar orchestra, playing the rite of spring by Stravinsky and Noche de los mayas (night of the Maya) by Silvestre Revueltas.  The final movement of...
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    You know you're an audiophile when...

    you jack off to your favorite Mozart opera...     lolllllllllllll
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    Sennheiser 650s + Computer Headphone Jack -- What Am I Missing?

    Whoops!  I posted the wrong link!  The one I posted is still talking about various cables for the HD650s, but here is the one I meant to post:   Enjoy!
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    Sennheiser 650s + Computer Headphone Jack -- What Am I Missing?

    geez, this thread has been all over the place................        quite entertaining really.     haha, anyway, Abe21599, in answer to your question: "is there gonna be a comparable difference with an amp if my source has variable quality music?"     With the HD650s the answer is...
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    LCD2 Woody Grill

    SQ issues/questions aside, these wooden grills are gorgeous!  I would be interested to see them in red sandalwood or cocobolo, or zebrawood, purple heart? hahaha, those would be interesting.  Kingswood might also be nice looking.  I think I like the ebony ones the best so far.  Nice dark wood...
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