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    An example: the repair of TOSHIBA XR-P21 vintage cd player.

    I just found this thread because I'm playing around trying to get a Realist CD-3000 (rebadged Toshiba XR-P9) working (it won't work unless I apply pressure to the case directly above the spindle, somethings not making contact) and I am awed by this thread. That you disassembled and clean those...
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    Need suggestions for shipping speakers to Hong Kong

    I have to ship some small, but 25 lbs (total) speakers to Hong Kong from California. Does anyone have any tips for getting them there safely and signed for by the purchaser? Any recommendations for a good service to use or experience with a service to recommend them? Thanks for your help!
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    Magnesium lowered my tinnitus. :)

    Oh, yes!   #10: Dark Chocolate Magnesium in 100g 1 Square (29g) 1 Cup Grated (132g) 327mg (82% DV) 95mg (24% DV) 432mg (108% DV)  
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    You wanna know how old school I am?

    I just rolled the caps in my Headroom Total Airhead. Don't know if the Elna Silmic II will be an improvement over the Sprague Oscons or not, but "different" should keep me interested for awhile!  
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    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    Amazon just put these on sale for the holidays: $199
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    How to identify Sennheiser refurbished headphones?

    That's a bit of a shame as the seller Adgtron specifically told me they were new and sealed headphones. I could see that someone tried to peel off the refurbished label and then thought better of it. That's a shame. So I got overcharged and scammed a bit. I couldn't find this guy on the list of...
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    Sennheiser Momentum impressions thread

        I'm waiting for the first brave soul who takes a tiny drill bit to the cups. It ain't going to be me.
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    Sennheiser Momentum impressions thread

      I'm a little nervous about this too. But my guess is it will be the person 15 years from now who buys them will have to worry about that fix.
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    WIN Sennheiser HD 800 and a year worth of HDtracks downloads!

    I doubt this was a Head-fi only contest. The winner might not be a member here.
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    How much of an improvement is a JDS Labs C421 over a CMOYBB?

    I bought some new momentums and I'm trying to decide if it's time to upgrade my belove JDS Labs CMOYBB to their C421 amp. I love the smoothness of the CMOYBB and the fullness of the midrange and bass. I like a nice warm fat sound. Will I be losing some of the warmth of the CMOYBB by moving to a...
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    Americans are on average 20 pounds heavier than in 1990!

    It's because they sit in front of their computers posting on websites.
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    Sennheiser Momentum, does it need a Headphone Amp?

    I'll go against the grain here and say that I think the momentum needs an amp. I am sort of unhappy with the sound of the un-amped phones. They just don't have the "umph" that I like on their own. For the money you pay, I want something close to the HD600 sound and I've found I need an amp to...
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    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    Agreed. All this about the Momentum not needing amplification or really being improved by an amplifier is just wrong. I've been listening to these all day with a variety of sources like nanos, iphones and line out on my iMac. I was ready to throw these over ear momentums back into their box and...