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Feb 13, 2012
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    My profile on the Norwegian forum Hifisentralen where I do most of my writing:
    Translated from Norwegian to English with Google Translate:
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG HSD 271
    AKG K 701
    Apple earbuds (2 items (I think))
    Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV
    beyerdynamic T 1
    beyerdynamic T 5 p
    Bose QuietComfort 15
    Denon AH-D600
    Denon AH-D7000
    Koss Porta pro
    Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
    Sennheiser HD 650 (2012)
    Sennheiser HD 800
    Sennheiser RS 220
    Shure SRH1540
    STAX SR-009
    STAX SR-Λ (Lambda)
    Ultrasone Edition 8
    Victor HP-DX1000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    AudioQuest DragonFly
    EAR Yoshino HP4
    Grace Design m903
    Lynx Studio Technology Hilo
    SPL Phonitor
    STAX SRM-727II (2 items)
    STAX SRM-007t
    STAX SRM-007tII
    STAX SRM-313
    Violectric HPA V200 with OPTO 24/96
    Source Inventory:
    Abrahamsen A-DAC
    Apple iPod classic
    Audio Pro LV-HUB
    Audio Pro RXD200
    Audio Pro TXD200
    Audio Pro WF100 (2 items)
    AudioQuest DragonFly
    Cambridge Audio iD100
    Grace Design m903
    Logitech Squeezebox Duet
    Logitech Squeezebox Touch (3 items)
    Logitech Transporter
    Lynx Studio Technology Hilo
    McIntosh MCD500
    Musical Fidelity V-Link
    OPPO BDP-83SE NuForce Edition
    OPPO BDP-105EU
    Parasound Zcd
    Pioneer PL-505
    Slim Devices Squeezebox (280x16 pixels VFD, bitmapped graphics, wired)
    Slim Devices Squeezebox 3 (wired)
    Slim Devices Squeezebox 3 (wireless)
    Stello U3
    Violectric HPA V200 with OPTO 24/96
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Audio Pro LV2
    Boston Acoustics SoundWare
    Bowers & Wilkins MM-1
    Earthquake AWS-602
    JBL Control 1Xtreme
    Logitech Squeezebox Boom (2 items)
    Marantz SR7005
    McIntosh MA7000
    Mirage OMD-5
    NIKKO NA-2000
    KEF Reference 201/2 (original stands)
    Parasound Zamp v.3
    Parasound Zselect
    Philips 46PFL9704H (TV)
    Radionette Duett 3000
    Revo Heritage G2
    Music Preferences:
    Quite comprehensive.
    Not rap, heavy metal, electronica, gammeldans, svensktoppar
    I listen at (very) moderate loudness levels.


    I listen at (very) moderate loudness levels.
    Standard reservations: Me, my ears, my taste, on the specific day, with the specific system, with the specific music, ...
    My profile (translated to English) on the Norwegian forum Hifisentralen where I do most of my writing
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