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    Noble Audio Wizard Savant Giveaway!

    1.106594 2. 106592 3.106595
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    HIFIMAN Flagship Headphone HE1000 Beta Testing Opportunity Complete - Feel free to still comment

    I Am interested.....i currently use a Fiio X1 with my Senn Hd650, Audio Technica IM50 and a Xears Xe200pro
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    A New Apex product!!! Name it HERE!!!

    The new Apex "Summit".
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    Bluetooth speakers

    I may just grab a Bose soundlimk, mini.....I,m just using it for some Pandora and movies off of my ipad (indoor use). I like the Soundlink mini's portability to sound ratio...
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    DSD, to support or not

    All of this discussion about DSD's, MP3's, WAV's, PCM,s etc etc.  reminds me of the Brian Regan joke about being in an appliance store: "Well you got this refrigerator here, this keeps all your food cold for $600. You've got this refrigerator, this keeps all your food cold for $800. Check this...
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Dude, I couldn't agree more and I am unamped, Ghost stories sounds great....looking forward to the next U2 album
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    Schiit $99 amp + HD600?

    Did it make a difference?  Thinking about getting just the magni for my sansa fuze and hd650
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    Got my hd-650 today, won it for $305 on ebay...

    Sounds pretty magical even unamped....any $250 or under amp suggestions?
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    FiiO E09K and E07K

    So i am planning on buying the sennheiser HD650,,,i have a sansa fuse...will this amp combo work with my sansa (im a newbie lol)
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    Audio technica

    Whats the diff between the ath-cks1000 and the ath-ckw1000...what do the s,w letters represent? Also did anything replace the ck10? And if so is it sonically similar or as good?
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    upgrading from xears xe200pro to ????

    I love love love my xears xe200pro, but alas there are more iems to enjoy.  I want to upgrade from the xears to something noticably better, I love the bass of the xe200pro, just looking for a little more wow factor..i am willing to spend up to $200ish.I used to own the vsonic gr 07 but I really...
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    Xears new models

    Well my xe200pros are amazing but one of the earphones stopped working after about 6months, Thomas at xears was awesome though, I just sent him some photos of my cutting the earbuds with a picture of my reciept from paypal and He is sending me a new pair.   Great customer service. :)   I am...
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    Xears new models

    I already have the xe200pro, and they are amazing, my monoprices, jvchafx101, and phillips she3590's don' t sound as good. Xears are great sounding, but i hate the j cord of the xe200 pro.
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    Xears new models

    Has anyone tried any of the xears new models like the bombastic, maestro, or the xpa2pro? The xpa2pro has detachable cables, i tried the klangfuzzies code and it took 114euros off the top, so basically the high end xpa200pro will go for about $50 US. Now i'm saving lol may bite the bullet on these.