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    Cozoy Astrapi Portable DAC Amplifier India Tour Application Thread

    Would like to apply. :) Location - Mumbai (bandra) Headphones - Sennheiser HD650, Yamaha YH-100, Yamaha HP-2, Coolermaster Pulse-R, IEMs - RHA MA350i, Audio Technica Sports3, Soundmagic ES18 Portable source - Xaiomi Mi3, Sandisk Fuze Reviews...
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    Honestly as much as I love the HD650s. ( They were my first real cans and I still love them even now) I still don't think they do classical too well.   The rolled off treble is probably to blame but I didn't find that I particularly liked its classical performance.   An amplifier will...
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    HD 600 - do I need another amp?

    Hey I had a HD600 in my home for around a week and I did quite a bit of testing with it. Comparing the sound directly out of my mobile phone (no amp whatsoever) and then connecting it to my desktop setup (Music Streamer II DAC --> EHHA tube hybrid amp) I did not detect a terribly huge...
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    DAC/Amp that would sound great with my hd650s, at or under $300

    I would suggest a Music Streamer II DAC. Its a slightly bright DAC that goes well with the slightly laid back signature of the HD650.   The amp I use is a DIY Cavali Audio EHHA amp. The problem is thats a DIY amp so you either have to have the skills to build it or buy it from someone who...
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    NFB12 + HD 650

    Yes, the HD650 can really wow you when you upgrade to better stuff. :D The worst part is that it scales even better with better gear so if you buy a better DAC/AMP it will sound even better. Bad for the wallet. :P
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    GR07 Worth Amping?

    Quote: Not sure about that but IMO at this price point considering the quality of source, amp and IEM it doesn't make sense to pay so much for what will definitely be a very small increment in the sound.   Getting an amp for an Ipod is recommended as most Ipods I have heard give a...
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    Hifiman RE272 top of the line IEM Loaner program

    Location:  Bombay, India   Portable Sources: Sansa Fuze, BlackBerry 8330,   Desktop Sources: Musicstreamer II   Portable Amps: Ibasso P3+   IEMs I own: RE1, RE262, Microsonics Epic X, Brainwavz M3, Sherwood SE-777,   Headphones I own: Sennheiser HD650, Yamaha YH-100 orthodynamic
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    Tube or SS Amp for IEM?

    ^^ No its a tube hybrid so it can work very well with low impedance stuff.        
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    Can the E9 compete with the 'big boy' entry-level amps ?

    Well I have the cheaper MS II DAC and all I can say is that I really love it. Better than my older udac 1 and compass DAC by a fair margin. I could barely differentiate between all my earlier budget DACs used - Hotaudio MKIV, Govibe DAC, uDAC 1 and Compass DAC. However the MS II is a noticeable...
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    Budget portable for 250ohm beyers?

    Nothing in the $150 bracket will drive a 250 ohm headphone. You will need to step up to the approx $250 bracket by getting amps like the Ibasso P4+ or the Headphonia Arrow.
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    Best bang fir the buck >>> UE Triple Fi 10

    Another issue is with fit.   I simply couldnt get a seal for more than a few minutes no matter what tips I tried.   Enter Comply foam tips and I could finally enjoy the IEMs. Mids were a little recessed but otherwise I really started to like the TF10s.      
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    HiFiMan RE262 question

    Quote: Yes I agree with your statement. Straight from the fuze the RE262 sounds good but a bit too slow. On slow passages it is really enjoyable. However with faster paced music it feels a bit too slow for my tastes. Once I add an Ibasso P3+ between the Fuze and the RE262 and the pace...
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    Denon AH-D2000 vs Grado SR225i

    They are quite different headphones. The Grados have a forward sound that you will either love or just hate. Also the bass on the SR225 may not be adequate for Trance/Electronica so keep that in mind. Plus some people will find the Grados to be uncomfortable. The Denons are comfortable but can...
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    Grado RS1i vs Sennheiser HD 650

    They sound rather different. The RS1 is all about in your face music. Great if you listen to a lot of fast paced music. The HD650 in comparison is more laid back and works best with slower music. You need to decide kind of sound you want since they have a rather opposing sound signature. Its not...
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    hd 650 + xonar stx + e7/e9

    ^^ Almost all music nowadays is recorded in the digital format - mp3s, CDs, FLAC etc. Some people also use Analog music like vinyl records but by and large all music is now digital. So in that scenario a DAC is a necessary evil. I have the HD650 but I have not heard it driven with any of the...