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    What are the benefits of a 'stepped attenuator'?

    I've got both a DACT CT2 attenuator and the "KYC111" attenuator and I can say that while the KYC111 unit is a well built , quality unit, the DACT definitely has a more transparent sound. Plus, the switches used by the DACT result in very smooth and silent operation. The DACT may cost more than...
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    Your favorite school reading

    Hey Braver-- I've really gotten into the singer, Fay Lovsky, recently. She's Dutch, isn't she? And if she is Dutch, is she pretty well known? I also love the illustrator who does her album art!
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    Your favorite school reading

    Some Fav. Books from High School: "The Waves" Virginia Woolf "When I Whistle" Shusaku Endo "The Sun Also Rises" Hemingway "Siddhartha" Herman Hesse
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    Worst Traffic/Car/Motorcycle Accident You've been In

    Quote: Then, I finally keeled over at the truck. When I woke up, I tried to drive to the main highway, but passed out again and ended up in a ditch. So, this one was a combination car/motorcycle accident. Anyway, I survived, but barely. --Demolition Must be a hockey player, eh...
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    Anyone likes Sherlock Holmes ?!

    I downloaded most, if not all, of Doyle's Holmes stories into my PDA and whenever I'm stuck on a train or an airport, I'll pass the time away reading up on his latest adventures. He's a surprisingly dark character in the original stories; much more complex than he's shown to be on film and TV.
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    It's peace!

    Quote: Reconciliation is one of the great things in life. Yes. Especially the sex part. Or so I hear.
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    Lord of the Rings - Did the Elf and the Dwarf Ditch the Babe?

    Thanks guys, I think you've cleared up a few things for me. Alas, I would've still kept my options open, if I were her. Talk about bad risk management....
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    Lord of the Rings - Did the Elf and the Dwarf Ditch the Babe?

    Hey there 00940 and Ticky, In the movie, at least, Elrond seems to make the point that Arwen will be left behind because all the ships will have left by the time Aragorn dies. Even the books seem to imply that's its a logistics issue. Arwen, having Elven blood, would have an automatic...
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    Lord of the Rings - Did the Elf and the Dwarf Ditch the Babe?

    Born2bwire-- Quote: Yes, a life. Hehe...well, just to show you that I do have a life, I'm off to do my laundary, followed by an overdue apartment cleaning. And then watching my two cats fight for an hour or so. So there.
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    Lord of the Rings - Did the Elf and the Dwarf Ditch the Babe?

    Here's a question for the "Rings" fans out there: Everyone who's read the books or seen the movie knows that Arwen resigns herself to a doomed mortal life on Middle Earth after the last of the Elven ships sails without her from the Grey Havens. She dies broken hearted after Aragorn dies and...
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    Why Are There So few Headamps Based on 300B Tubes?

    Pardon my ignorance if I'm way off on this, but I'm curious why there seem to be so few 300B SET tube amps designed for headphones. I'd imagine that a relatively low powered 7 or 10 watt 300B amp would be pretty ideal for driving 'phones. I know that Manley and Cary have a couple of models...
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    One of the Best Essays I've Ever Read

    Quote: i disagree with some points boyelroy made. i talks very little, but that dont mean i'm socially dumb. some kids have less confidence because of being neglected so they just havent got the chance to train their socialzing skill. getting a girlfriend would boost their self esteem...
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    One of the Best Essays I've Ever Read

    Thanks for the nice read. I'd like to throw out a couple of other ideas as well regarding peer group popularity, if I may. To begin with, perhaps academic achievement isn't the only expression of a person's intelligence. A great deal of research has been done recently on socialization skills...
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    "Talk to the hand"

    Check out Mike Meyers in "Austin Powers" -- his Dr. Evil character does a drop dead funny "talk to the hand" routine while trying to extort money from the US government.
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    LAPTOP advice, please, computer guys..URGENT!

    I definitely agree with all the folks here who recommend IBM Thinkpads. They cost a little more, but nothing matches their construction and reliability. The problem with Dell laptops seem to be in their modular bay construction which allows all sorts of bad flexing and bending of the...