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    New Loaner Program - Chord Hugo TT2

    The TT2 is a pretty big step up. It can fill multiple needs better. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better it sounded. What this actually leads me to is to look at the Dave and the M-Scaler. I do not spend a lot of time with my headphone system. For my current needs, the Hugo 2 is...
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    Epic Headphone Event! Chicago - October 27th

    Audio Consultants hosted a headphone event in the Evanston store on October 27, 2018. I was able to attend and thought I would share my experience. I have only been to a few headphone events, and this experience was different. The in-store event was more personal and a lot quieter. It was...
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    Lyr 3 - The new Coherence™ and Continuity™ hybrid amplifier from Schiit - Impression & discussion thread

    WOW, what a thread! I finally decided to order a Lyr 3. Schiit has just shipped my Lyr 3 with the MB DAC and both of their tubes. I also have a WYRD in the order. My primary use case is desktop operation connected to my 27in iMac. I also plan to use it as a headphone amp in my "big"...
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    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    I have not heard the booster but I have the JS-2 that the second rail is running my MacMini and the combo is darn impressive. I would not go back. The improvement on the DAC+ was welcome but the improvement to the system cleaning up the power to the Mac mini is nothing short of a miracle! I...
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    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    I assume you have a power amp in there! Between the DAC and the speakers... Something has to control the volume. If Roon controls it then you have to get the settings right before you turn off the control in the DAC. I use my DAC+ and control the volume with it. I have played a little bit...
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    Re-cable to balanced for headphones. Wondering if there is a standard way to go back to SE

    The headphones will be plugged into a iBasso PB2 and an RSA SR71B so i need two connectors for that and one for singled ended.
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    iBasso DB1
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    The first version of the iBasso portable DAC
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    Stack of two Ibasso PB2's to show the front and rear as well as the colors
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    Ibasso Balanced Portable System

    Developing a portable listening system that has the ability to provide balanced and single ended audio to headphones.  The purpose for this setup is to have a system that "approaches" desktop performance and provides a learning playground.   Using a portable DAC that has balanced output to a...
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    Both Colors front and rear vew
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    Re-cable to balanced for headphones. Wondering if there is a standard way to go back to SE

    I am in the process of re-cabling my headphones for a balanced amp and I am thinking about building an adaptor into the cable so I can do balanced or singled ended.  I would need some sort of inline connector sets to create short adaptors.  I was wondering if anyone has developed a "standard"...
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    Preliminary Impressions of the New 2006 Total BitHead

    I have a few computers, but my main laptop is a Dell M20. If I put the TBH06 on the back surface of the screen on the Dell there is a lot of electrical noise transmitted to the Amp. This appears to only happen when I have my Sure E5c's connected the DD770 does not show this. YMMV I have only...
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    Total Bithead 2006 Arrives

    I have the volume up all the way and the USB plugged into the laptop docking station there is a little hiss. Very subtle. I have the gain set to low and there is plenty of control over the volume. The volume does come up fast with the E5c so take care. About 1/8 of a turn to get to a quiet...