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    decorative sleeving and heatshrink UK

    You could try eBay, which usually has a decent selection of heatshrink in varying sizes. For sleeving, I've previously purchased from computer supply and modding stores like Watercooling UK:
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    Gilmore Dynalo Rev C - help sourcing components!

    I'm in a very similar boat to you, having picked up my Dynamid (balanced Dynalo) build after a couple of years on the shelf. My boards are complete so I have a few spare transistors laying around - mainly the output stage transistors (2SA1015 and 2SC1815). There may also be some SK170s and SJ74s...
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    Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

    To me it sounds like the recording is very compressed - not necessarily just in terms of levels either. It feels as if the soundstage has been squashed and, as you point out, the bass has likely been boosted. On the iTunes store the album blurb claims "Mylo Xyloto is Mastered for iTunes" and I...
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    Post pics of your builds....

    The amp I'm building is a Dynamid - the two Dynalo boards run off the S22 while the S25 powers the Arduino, status LEDs, current and temperature sensors and an LCD (at the front of the enclosure above, not visible).   It was originally just going to be a Dynalo in a lunch box but, like all...
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Just finished up an AMB Sigma25 for +5v use. It sits alongside its big brother in my Hurricane power supply unit (very much a work in progress!) and is fed from a Sigma24. T'was a snap to put together and seems to do a good job of regulation when loaded.  
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    Securing an LED to metal panel

    I've no idea what that is I'm afraid - is it something cyanoacrylate based? If that's a brand then it might not be available here in the UK.      Quote:  
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    Securing an LED to metal panel

    I have a front panel with 3 pre-drilled mounting holes for LEDs. They fit perfectly but are only held in by friction and I'd like to stick a dab of some adhesive / sealant around the base to ensure they can't be pushed in if pressure is applied from the front.   The panel is regular old...
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    DRC Error: Silkscreen overlapping Stop Mask

    Well it seems to have passed their verification process so I assume it's all okay. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    Transformer Wiring Query (Dual Secondaries)

    My pride and joy, 9 months in the making. It's a balanced Dynalo with Sigma22 and 25 power supplies. I haven't done any DIY electronics since school days so it's something of a learning experience!
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    Transformer Wiring Query (Dual Secondaries)

    Excellent, she fired up first time! A nice, stable 15.06v on both rails. Thanks for the help.
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    Transformer Wiring Query (Dual Secondaries)

    Red to yellow and black to white both read as shorts. Does that give me any new information to go on?
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    Transformer Wiring Query (Dual Secondaries)

    It's the moment of truth for my Sigma22 power supply, except I can't figure out the blasted wiring from the transformer. It's a dual secondary toroid (2x 0-18v) with a black/white pair of wires from one secondary and a red/yellow pair from the other. The S22 has a four-way terminal block for...
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    UK National Meet 2011 Impressions (02/04/11)

    Yeah, headinclouds' amplifiers were really something. I also liked his Arcam CD36 a lot, that had to be one of the best sounding sources I've heard in a long time - sweet and musical while retaining plenty of detail. Maybe once my amp is finished I'll put together a DIY DAC based around its...