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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    Hi guys, I have a question about the shuffle feature: does it make sure that every track is played (before a track is played twice), or does it just play any random song? I liked how the shuffle feature on ipods and rockboxed players make some sort of shuffle playlist when you set to shuffle so...
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    Need help choosing first decent headphone

    I second KG Jag's advice. I've had a chance to audition both the HD598 and DT880, and they both have the soundstage...very comfortable as well. Female vocals sounded nice on the DT880 (unlike its little brother DT770), but it felt like the bass and treble were boosted relative to the mids. Not...
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    bassy headphones for jpop and jrock under 100

    What about the UE4000? The sound signature is quite warm to me - nice well extended bass, and recessed treble so poor recordings don't sound too harsh (i.e. certain Fripside songs). The mids don't feel recessed at all, which makes them a contender for this genre of music methinks. Weaknesses...
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    Looking for a new pair of headphones.

    TBH I can't really recommend the HE-400 because of the recessed midrange. For me, Jpop sounds best with headphones with forward mids.   As for recommendations, there's the AD1000X. I haven't listened to one, but I've been seeing some users claim that it (along with the flagship AD2000X) are...
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    Fiio X1+ E11 or Fiio X3

    I'm really interested in both DAPs but I think you'd be best asking those with hands on experience for that question cause I've never tried the DX50. The two have the same dac chip if i remember correctly (not sure about the amp) and I think it mainly comes down to the useability of the UI and...
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    Fiio X1+ E11 or Fiio X3

    Depends on how you'd be using the E17. The X3 pretty much has the same hardware as the E17 BUT the E17 is more versatile as it has coaxial and optical inputs (so you can hook up a game console to it and use the E17's dac instead of the console's), but if you'll only be using the E17 as an amp...
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    Fiio X1+ E11 or Fiio X3

    I think you mean E6? In terms of output power alone, the X1 seems to be on par (or a little bit weaker) than the E6. FiiO's specification page for the E6 states that its output power is 100 mW @ 32 ohms while the X1 info page here at head-fi...
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    Can't decided between the Fidelio X1, HD598, or HD600

    I know you said you already narrowed it down to those few headphones, but if you'll be listening to some jpop, I think you should audition a Grado headphone if you get a chance to. I use a Grado SR125i and I personally enjoy it for both metal and jpop. Very forward sound, good mids, punchy bass...
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    SR125i vs DT770 80 Ohm for Death metal

    The SR225i can be had for 50$ more. I haven't actually heard the 225i (very contented with my 125i!), but it seems that the general consensus is that the 225i is the "sweet spot" of Grado headphones.As a metalhead, I must say that you can't go wrong with Grado for metal (though I haven't...