Jan 8, 2013
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Teacher, Performer/Singer, Handyman/Craftman, Plumbing

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    Teacher, Performer/Singer, Handyman/Craftman, Plumbing
    Listening to music, audio equipment, singer for metal band (CypherSeer)
    Wood-working, craft-work, basketball,, watching movies, posting reviews about products
    Headphone Inventory:
    1) Koss ProtaPro's (Kramer and cushion mods)
    2) Grado SR-80i (Stock)
    3) Koss KSC75 (headband and cushion mod)
    4) Auvio Agility Band (Gold 3.5mm jack)
    5) AKG K -110 (Nuetrik 1/4 Jack)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    1) Pyle - PTA 2 Stereo Headphone Amp
    2) TCC -TC753LC - Phono Preamp
    Source Inventory:
    1) Zune - 120g (2nd Generation)
    2) Gemini - PT 2000 III Turntable
    3) Apple - iPhone 3GS
    4) HP Pentium 4 Quadcore Processor Labtop - Windows XP
    Other Audio Equipment:
    1) Korg Triton LE
    2) Mackie Micro Series 1202-VLZ
    12 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
    3) Fostex PMO. 5 Studio Monitors
    4) TC Helicon Voicelive 2
    Music Preferences:
    Metal(Traditional, Thrash, Power, Progressive, Death) Hard-Rock, Classic Rock, 80's Pop music, 80's and 90's Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Biala (Sri Lankan music), Orchestral
    1) X-Box 360
    2) Mac Mini
    Got into the headphone/audiophile craze in 2012 with the purchase of my Koss Protapro's.
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